Netanyahu became the prime minister of the Zionist entity

The Zionist parliament (the Knesset) voted on Thursday to form the 37th government of Israel and the sixth government headed by Benjamin Netanyahu, leader of the right-wing Likud party.

According to the report of the Cihan Group affiliated with the Ana News Agency, which was reported by Al-Jazeera, the new Netanyahu government, which is considered the most right-wing and most extreme government in the history of the Zionist regime, managed to obtain 63 votes in its favour. The Knesset today. .

In the formation of this new government, the presence of those with criminal records in the governing body has sparked controversy.

In the Knesset session for a vote of confidence, Netanyahu, repeating his earlier allegations against Iran, called for his government’s primary duty to confront Iran’s peaceful nuclear activities, while promising further normalization during this period. .

Today’s Knesset session was tense and tense due to the anti-Netanyahu protests.

Netanyahu’s partner in forming the government of the Zionist entity clearly expressed his positions against the establishment of a Palestinian state and the rights of minorities and said: “By promoting tolerance, we are on the path of trying to achieve peace.”

Netanyahu’s coalition partners, including religious Zionists and the far right, have made their opposition to a Palestinian state and minority rights clear.

Netanyahu said his government “will fight the high cost of living and fight for better education.”

While representatives of the opposition in the Knesset continued to interrupt his speech by chanting protest slogans, he continued: Members of Knesset, I do not need to hear your cries to know that we have differences, but we agree. some problems..

In his speech to them, he said that defeat in the elections is not the end of democracy, but rather the essence of democracy.

Before introducing members of his 30-member cabinet, Netanyahu concluded his remarks by donning a kippah (a Jewish hat) and reciting a religious prayer.

On Thursday, the Israeli parliament (the Knesset) tensed up during a vote of confidence in the government presented by Benjamin Netanyahu as prime minister.

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