No device should operate outside the national licensing gate

In appreciation of the performance of the Ministry of Economic and Financial Affairs in recent months, the President noted the launch of a national portal to facilitate the issuance of commercial licenses and efforts to implement tax justice, improve the banking system and improve privatization.

According to informants, Ayatollah Seyyed Ibrahim Raisi, in a meeting with deputies and directors of the Ministry of Economic and Financial Affairs, Wednesday, described the report of the ministry’s actions as promising and said: The National Gate. The license was “a task that was passed to law enforcement 13 years ago but has not yet been implemented.”

Raisi said: “In this government, the implementation of this law began with jihad action and in a short period of time, and it is gratifying that the exemptions are late.” The first step to improving the business environment is to connect all executives to the national licensing portal, and this process will continue to be strong.
The Speaker of the Islamic Consultative Assembly amended some laws, amended laws related to the government and added all devices connected to the national portal for commercial licenses as remaining steps to complete the activity of this national portal, adding: “From now on, no device should issue licenses.” Jobs work outside the national licensing portal.
Raisi described the removal of ambiguity in the terms and conditions of issuing commercial licenses as a blessing, and said: “Many of the unjustified delays in issuing commercial licenses are due to ambiguity in laws and different interpretations of legal laws in various entities.”
He continued, “The Supreme Leader also emphasized the review of laws, which is an essential step towards the effectiveness of laws and greatly facilitates the development of a national portal to facilitate the issuance of commercial licenses.”
In another part of his speech, the President praised the measures taken to “improve the country’s tax system,” and noted that “identifying new taxpayers is a step towards implementing tax justice, which must be well complemented and explained.” People. The number of taxpayers has risen by more than a third, from 4.4 million to 6.7 million, which is one of the government’s significant achievements in combating tax fraud and increasing the country’s tax revenue without putting pressure on former taxpayers.
The President stressed the need to appreciate the efforts of the Ministry of Economic and Financial Affairs in the banking field and said that the next big step to be taken in this direction is to “improve the banking system” on the basis of improving the relationship between banks. . and the central bank.
“Privatization in the country’s economy is necessary to curb entrepreneurship and strengthen government oversight,” Raisi said. After empowering and monitoring individuals, efforts have been made to ensure that privatization is implemented in an appropriate and consistent manner. Policy of general guidance, support and control.
Regulation of the capital-based market The next thing the president says is in a meeting with the directors of the Ministry of Finance and Finance, the shareholders must be calm, the market capitalization is developing so that the shareholders and the state can benefit from it – it. .
Describing customs as the country’s economic frontier, he said, “The Ministry of Economic and Financial Affairs has a very diverse and important mission.”
The president said that the application of justice is the focus of the change in the transitional government, and said, “We must strive to achieve justice. It does not mean equality in the distribution of resources and facilities, but we want everywhere according to the history of land administration.”
And Raeesi continued: “With the establishment of tax justice, justice must be imported and exported.” Improper import and export of goods produced in a country of acceptable quality and quality is contrary to justice.
The president stressed that “all government agents are obligated to prioritize the public interest over the interests of the people, rather than the interests of certain assets and groups, because the administration of justice is to build trust in social capital.” “Trust in government increases the presence and social and economic participation of the people, which is one of the most important pillars of strength in any country.”
He described the appointment of specialized, revolutionary and popular forces to succeed in various economic fields and the activities of the Ministry of Finance, including tax justice efforts and the opening of a national licensing portal. The use of competent and enthusiastic forces committed to the plans and objectives of the reformist and justice-oriented government has led to the success of this government.

Before the president’s speech, Minister of Economic and Financial Affairs Syed Ihsan Khandouzi said in a speech that the complexities of issuing commercial licenses create many restrictions on achieving the country’s economic capacity in this field. The national portal was soon launched to facilitate commercial licenses as a result of national cooperation with licenses and jihad and revolutionary work that was suspended for 13 years.

The Minister of Economic and Financial Affairs has created a national portal to facilitate the issuance of business licenses, increase new taxpayers by more than 30 percent, and carry out tasks and orders to prevent tax fraud and increase tax revenue without putting pressure on existing taxpayers. Among the measures taken by the Ministry of Economic and Financial Affairs during the past seven months, we mention granting small banking facilities, processing overdue bank account balances, consolidating assets and customs transactions, and preventing goods from being deposited at customs.

The heads of the Tax and Customs Affairs Authority, the Asset Purchase and Sale Agency, the Deputy Minister of Banking Affairs at the Ministry of Finance, and the Head of the Business Environment Reform Center at the Ministry of Finance submitted their performance reports. They paid in line with the government’s plans and goals.

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