Online news agency: Nowruz fairs in Semnan Province achieved sales of 3 billion tomans Iran and world news

Amir Karamzadeh stated in an interview with an online reporter that during Newroz in 1402 about 21 handicraft markets were established in Semnan Province, these bazaars included 218 stalls selling souvenirs, handicrafts and local souvenirs.

Noting that these Nowruz markets were well received during the Nowruz days, he added: According to reports, 200,000 tourists and travelers visited these Nowruz markets.

The Director General of the Cultural Heritage of Semnan Province stated that these bazaars were held from March 24, 1401 to April 15 of this year, and said: An effort was made to take advantage of this upcoming opportunity to present handicrafts and tourist attractions so that the artists of this field can produce their own brand products. And travelers choose Semnan as a tourist destination province.

Karamzadeh Babian stated that the most demanded handicrafts were related to pottery, ceramics, wood, leather and hand textiles, and said: Newroz travelers were more interested in these types of products and good sales were recorded.

He added: In addition to the aforementioned products of metal industries, stones, jewelry, embroidery, calligraphic printing, and others, they were also shown to the public, and efforts were made to contribute significantly to the introduction of industries through printing brochures and giving them to travelers. Let’s play with the hand of Semnan Province.

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