Passengers of foreign flights should read – informants

Every country has rules for the entry and exit of goods, and Iran is no exception to this rule. The export of some goods from Iran is generally or only partially prohibited. Sometimes people who are planning to go abroad, due to their ignorance of these rules, have problems at the airport and on their way out. In the following, we will examine the details of the goods for which the passenger is wholly or partly prohibited from leaving.

According to the informants, “Economy Online” wrote: “Some goods that are not exported from the state, their use and accompaniment are not common, but in any case, this should not be considered today:

1. Each passenger is allowed 125 grams of caviar with a fishing license

2. Hand-woven carpets of up to 20 square meters are allowed. However, hand rugs of any size are prohibited to be carried to Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Syria.

3. It is allowed to withdraw currency, bank records and anonymous securities for each passenger for a total amount of EUR 5,000 or its equivalent in other currencies and additional procedures required by customs and bank authorization.

4. It is allowed to export personal jewelry with passengers, including all kinds of gold, silver and platinum products, with a maximum of 150 grams. It is forbidden to leave the country with any gold coins.

5. It is allowed to export Iranian goods in any amount, it is not commercial, but it should not be for sale.

6. For the export of silverware and antiques, excluding jewelry from passengers, a maximum of 3 kg is allowed. Provided that these dishes are not considered historical and cultural monuments.

7. Leaving professional equipment or equipment with the passenger in order to return the goods is subject to prior declaration and customs approval.

8. It is allowed to consume 100 grams of saffron per passenger.

9. Prohibition of alcohol, gambling, firearms, incendiary and explosive materials, narcotics, publications, photos, videos, photos, and any goods that conflict with the religious and national values ​​of the country, the official religion and the general public. The law prohibits all goods containing antiques, materials of cultural heritage and other prohibited goods.

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