Pazarbash: Countries in the region should take care of each other’s environmental issues

The head of the National Audit Office said: The dam construction project should not cause environmental problems for neighboring countries while solving Turkey’s national problems.

According to the informants, Mehrdad Bazarbash, in a meeting with Sharif Malkosh, head of the Turkish Inspection Authority of the Audit Bureau of this country, briefed on the good economic and tourism relations between Iran and Turkey and relies on the development of communication. . The decision of the authorities of the two countries.

The President of the Court of National Accounts recently considered Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s visit to Iran and his meeting with the President of our country as a success, and acknowledged that good decisions and agreements were made during this trip.

He stressed: One of the conditions for the good implementation of the agreements is the follow-up and the effectiveness of the activity of the regulatory institutions.

Bazarbash later said at the ninth session of the ECUSA Assembly: With the vote of the members, the Islamic Republic of Iran was entrusted with the leadership of this important organization and the regional agreement, and we promised to implement various programs for promotion. This institution

The last stage of sowing is devoted to environmental issues. He said: We respect the water needs of the Turkish people, but we believe that the dam project should not create environmental problems for neighboring countries while solving the problems of the Turkish nation.

In another aspect of the meeting, Malkokh expressed his satisfaction with his visit to Iran and his presence in the Audit Bureau, and congratulated Iran on its election as head of the Accounting Organization in the member states of the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECOSAI).

Referring to the importance of the Audit Bureau and the issue of auditing, the head of the Turkish Inspection Authority emphasized the joint cooperation between the inspection bodies in the two countries.

He considers Iran and Turkey as friendly and brotherly countries with more than 400 years of peaceful and tension-free neighborhood.

Malkokh stressed: The main threat to the countries of the region is foreign interference.

The head of the Turkish Inspection Authority welcomed Bizarbash’s recent proposal to establish an accounting body for Islamic countries, and positively evaluated the exchange of successful experiences of these countries in the field of auditing and managing joint projects.

In conclusion, he pointed out that: We have heavy duties to improve the level of communication and we have to put aside minor differences and insist on the many commonalities between us.

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