Persepolis deserved to win the championship / I leave the fans

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After the defeat against Persepolis in the FA Cup semi-finals, Saket Alhami emphasized: First, I have to tell the media and journalists not to tire for their efforts this season and I appreciate them all for their efforts. If we annoy you, make us halal and know that you are also part of football.

And he continued: I have to congratulate the Persepolis team and the team of this club, as they deserved to reach the final of the Elimination Cup. In this match the first 20 minutes of the game were at their disposal, but after that we had good chances and in general we saw a good and amazing game from both teams.

Regarding the fact that he got emotional after the match, he said: I don’t have an offer at the moment and because it was the last match and we were parting ways, I got a little emotional. Of course, our unwillingness is a fight and we’ll have to see what happens. I also thank the club team, we had challenges this season, but I think we played decent football.

In response to the tunnel of honor of the Persepolis players, the coach of Havadar Club confirmed: Esteghlal, Sepahan or any other team that won the championship, we would have done the same. This is a good, beautiful culture that needs to be institutionalized. I must emphasize that Esteghlal and Sepahan have many advantages, but I am happy that an Iranian coach has managed to become a champion of the Iranian Premier League. Here, I wish success to Amir Glenavi and Reza Enayati in the national football team and the Omid team.

He stated that there is talk of collusion in the league: If I am not mistaken, our last loss in the Premier League was against Esteghlal and we did not lose again after that. This was one of the skills of our players who were able to pull themselves together and get back into the game after losing 6-1. These stigmas and slurs do not suit our players and these words are unfair.

And he continued: I made a mistake in the Independence match because we were looking for a victory. That match was an experience for us, which was repeated in the first 20 minutes of this match, and then the same experience helped our team. In our match with Al-Istiqlal, and bearing in mind that there are 5 weeks left in the league and there was no problem with goal difference, why should the issue of collusion be raised? This is football, and we see the same events in the results of European Day. Is there collusion as well?

Referring to the potential in Iranian football, Elhami explained: I once said that we will beat this team in Korea and in Seoul, but everyone laughed, and there is no doubt that this will happen to Qale Novi, because our national team has many talents. I didn’t talk about my abilities, but I did mean the players’ abilities. Sardar Azmoun, Mehdi Terami, Alireza Jahanbakhsh, Shoja Khalilzadeh, Alireza Beiranvand, look what great abilities they have. Which country in Asia has this ability and potential?

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