Pre-purchase apartments risk projects or investment?

Given the increasing trend of real estate prices in Tehran and the increase in inflation in our country, buying a property seems far fetched. Therefore, in this article, we will answer the question, what is the interest rate on apartment projects before buying?

In order to know the interest rate on apartment projects before buying, we have to look at the stats in the past and examine this market in general. The latest goods and services inflation statistics show that in February 1401, the monthly housing inflation rate in the whole country was 2.3%. This figure was 2.8% in January of this year, indicating a 0.5% decline in housing price growth.

Advance purchase of apartments in Tehran Pars Apartment 60 meters for sale in advance

Where do most pre-purchase housing projects belong in Iran?

In general, it can be said that pre-sale projects for apartments are not common in Iran, except for a few specific cities and regions, and due to the sensitivity of these types of sales, the government has set special rules for them.

What is the interest rate on apartment projects before purchase?

To answer this question, the history of construction must be examined. If we start driving a car in Chitgar, Tehran, we will realize what is the right platform for life in this region. A large number of arcades, luxury apartment complexes and endless tourist areas. The figures show that a large number of the same luxury apartments in this area have already been sold and those who have invested in these projects have made thousands of percent. However, the hot market for these projects is far from over and is just beginning.

What is the interest rate on advance purchase projects and which projects qualify?

The interest rate in pre-sale of apartments in Chitgar cannot be accurately predicted. If everything goes well for you, you start to buy an apartment in Tehran in advance for a few hundred million tomans, but you can sell your property for a few billion tomans. Receive your property later than the contract time. Of course, we do not mean fraud, because the way to do such a thing is not possible according to the laws set by the government.

In the following, we will introduce you to some pre-purchase projects in Chitgarh that are now enjoying good credit. Although its credibility has been measured to some extent, it is not among our advertisements and is never recommended for investment. You can get useful information through real estate sales agencies and specialized departments that sell real estate, such as Bamalik, which have experienced consultants, and finally make a decision.

The tritium project VIP

You may have heard the name of this project a lot in Iran. Considering the successful records of the co-op, this project can be a good place for your investment. Because the previous people who made the investment live on their property and have no problems. So if the builder took the same approach, now this project is an opportunity. Due to the suitable local facilities and reliable construction, this project can be considered as one of the profitable projects for buyers in advance.

What is the interest rate on apartment projects before purchase? If you are patient with this investment and everything goes well, you can make multiples of your investment. But pay attention to this law that you share in all the losses of the builders.

Tritium VIP premises are located in Golestan Chitgar or Railway City at the junction of Havaniroz Street and Golha Street. As you know, this city has many local facilities, such as medical service centers, educational institutions, as well as dozens of commercial and recreational centers, especially around the Persian Gulf Martyrs Lake and Chitgar Forest Park. Residents of this project can reach the metro station in a very short time. Pre-sale projects for apartments in Chitgarh have enjoyed a thriving market since long and many people have become homeowners through this method. To pre-purchase this luxury project, you can read the tritium vip project.

Plaza Project

The Plaza Palace residential complex is under construction by the Modern Iranian Palaces Builders Cooperative Company. The Plaza project is one of the luxury projects in the 22nd district of Tehran, which is also known as the Plaza Palace or the Plaza Palace due to its features.

This project is a project that obtains a building permit. Looking at the modern facilities planned for this project, it can be expected that it will be profitable for the buyers.

Advance purchase of apartments in Tehran Pars Apartment 60 meters for sale in advance

The Plaza project consists of 4 blocks of 13 floors with different types of maps and sizes, pre-buyers of apartments in Chitgar and District 22 can pre-buy units of this project according to their budget and taste, and if luck is with them, they will get good profit

Vision project

Perhaps it’s never too late to invest in Vision, this development overlooking Chitgar Lake is one of the sought after projects for pre-buying a flat in Precinct 22. But given its age in membership, it may be a bit more difficult than before to pre-buy its units.
The construction cooperative of the Vision Project is one of the famous construction cooperatives in Tehran with the name of Mandagh Imran Afaq Noor Cooperative. This cooperative is part of Mandah Holding. A group made up of several other manufacturers.

Advance purchase of apartments in Tehran Pars Apartment 60 meters for sale in advance

Vision is the name of one of the latest modern construction projects and it is under construction by Mandagh Imran Afaq Noor Cooperative. The registration plate for this project was received in 1383 and underwriting has been on the agenda since 1401.

In this article, we have answered the question of what is the interest rate on pre-purchase apartment projects in general, but such investment cases cannot be guaranteed. So make sure you enter this market with complete research and proper advice.

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