Qualifying the best players of the Tehran Cup for electronic games for the national team

The CEO of the Tehran Municipal Sports Authority announced the selection of the best eSports Cup players for the national team.

According to the informants, And Hussein Ojaghi said at the grand closing ceremony of the Electronic Games Cup, which was held this evening – Friday, March 5 – in the Milad Tower in Tehran, that the first electronic competition for the Grand Prize was held under the auspices of the Municipal Sports Authority. Arman Festival organized by the city administration for 52 cultural activities. , which includes artistic, social and sports events, and has brought with it hundreds of thousands of citizens of Tehran.

As the CEO of Tehran Municipal Sports Organization stated: These competitions are held in line with the needs of different groups, especially young people and adolescents, so that all tastes can be properly answered.

He announced that this event was held in cooperation with the Computer Games Federation, and indicated that one of the goals of this event is to facilitate citizen sports in line with the sports championship, and in this regard, senior players will enter the national computer games. With the Asian Games taking place in Hangzhou, China, the current competition is of great importance.

According to the city’s website report, Ujaghi pointed to the high level of competition: We hope that the final stage of the city championship will be held well, and that this competition will include 353 of the city’s neighborhoods in eight sports in the men’s section. And eight sports in the women’s section, which will be a great and valuable step in the development of citizen sports that will improve the quality of life for citizens.

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