Rahvar Police Recommends Participants in the Death Ceremony of Imam Khomeini

The Deputy Minister of Social Affairs and Traffic Culture at the Rahoor Police provided safety tips and warnings for those present at Imam Khomeini’s funeral.

Colonel Ainullah Jahani in an interview with informants Referring to the attendance of pilgrims on the 33rd anniversary of Imam Khomeini’s departure, he said: “On the anniversary of the departure of the founder, we are witnessing a wide spread of people and lovers of the Imam and the leadership.” Therefore, the Islamic Revolution made a series of recommendations and traffic warnings for the safe and accident-free travel of pilgrims to the shrine. Imam Khomeini.

He continued, “The bus drivers responsible for transporting pilgrims in caravans bear a serious responsibility and need to use a safe and healthy vehicle and solve this problem with enough comfort and relaxation during the journey.” Returning pilgrims are considered.

“Road drivers should pay close attention to traffic lights and the recommendations of road police officers,” he added. We require drivers to teach passengers and pilgrims to wear seat belts. Drivers should think about time management in terms of return time so as not to fill the interval due to unplanned trips at unspecified speeds.

Al-Jahani added: “Bus drivers and pilgrims must observe the safety of parking on the side of the road, as well as when going up and down.” Pilgrims can walk as part of the route to the origin or destination. In these cases, these people need to walk on a dirt road often dressed in black, and because occupants are more likely to hit vehicles, we advise drivers and pedestrians to address traffic safety issues and accident prevention.

The Deputy Minister of Social Affairs and Traffic Culture of Rahoor Police said: “Dear pilgrims traveling on their way from the Haram al-Sharif, be sure to try to expose the passing drivers by using lightning devices at the beginning, middle and end of the chain…” . Do not meet pilgrims. Pilgrims should walk on the other side of the vehicle as much as possible so that they can monitor the flow of traffic and react appropriately to escape danger in special and critical situations.

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