Reviving constructive jihad leads to justice and progress Iran and world news

According to the Internet correspondent, Ali Reza Abbasi, referring to the memory of Imam Khomeini’s rule of constructive jihad on Friday evening, he said: The formation of structural jihad was carried out by the great Imam because the country needed a revolution and basic measures after victory. .

He said: “The dramatic change in eight years of war and deprivation in the most remote villages of the country can be considered the result of jihadist thinking and constructive jihad.”singersang called “Pesinger”; So wherever we encountered a problem with the jihadist stance, we were proud and we were able to overcome the problems. Come on Get out of the crisis.

Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Agriculture, Water, Environment and Natural Resources of the Islamic Consultative Assembly considered that achieving food security in light of the current complex situation is a basic principle for any country and should be a priority in the plans of governments. We also have fertile soil and water management as well as a four-season climate, which is key to achieving self-reliance on staple crops.

Referring to this topic, he said, “The reform of the preferential exchange rate policy that leads to increased productivity in agriculture can have positive effects in the field of agricultural production.”

“Given the importance of the topic of agricultural pattern which was unfortunately ignored in previous governments, it should be included in the policies of the Thirteenth Government and self-reliance in policies,” Abbasi said. country in the main products”.

Realizing the importance of the jihadist spirit in all the activities of the jihadist agricultural cadre, he said: “The country needs a jihadist stance in all fields.”

The Deputy Chairman of the Agriculture, Water, Environment and Natural Resources Authority of the Islamic Consultative Assembly indicated that the lack of importance of integrating and building construction jihad with the Ministry of Agricultural Jihad led to this revolutionary disappearance. But if everyone returns to the field of work and effort and uses the power of the jihadist organizations in agriculture, the country can achieve justice and achieve the goals of rapid progress.

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