Sardar “Hajzadeh” became a member of the Board of Trustees of the Cultural Center for the Sacred Defense of Qazvin – Electronic News Agency | Iran and world news

According to the online news agency, by a decree issued by Sardar Abdullah Al-Iraqi, Sardar Amir Ali Hajzadeh was appointed as a member of the Board of Trustees of the Qazvin Base for Sacred Defense.

The Iraqi leader in a meeting with the Director General of the Foundation for Preserving Antiquities in Qazvin Province and the Deputy Coordinator of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards in the Cyberspace Command Office of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards. Almar (for exampleHe said, “Cooperation is not for the sake of protecting works, spreading protection values, spreading a culture of sacrifice and fighting and recording epics, it is a great honor and success for all.” Heroes of Islamic Iran

“It is without a doubt preserving values ​​and creating an epic,” he said. Oh .. you The brave and courageous children of this region depend on the efforts of all those interested in this field.

“Working to spread the culture of self-sacrifice and martyrdom and the sacred field of defense is a very sacred act,” Sardar Hajizadeh, commander of the Air Force of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, said at the meeting.

He considered the effort for the sake of the martyrs and the values ​​of the sacred defense a divine success, and pointed out that the Khazvin Province had sacrificed great martyrs for the revolution and the sacred regime of the Islamic Republic, its sacrifices and sacrifices. Line It is clear and respectful to all.

It is worth mentioning that Sardar Hajizadeh is one of the proud creators of Khuzestan Province and the home of Takistan Province in Khuzestan Province.

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