Starting a project to launch a single phone number for relief agencies

The head of the Emergency Operations Center of the Crisis Prevention and Management Organization in Tehran Province announced the establishment of a dispatch center and contact number for the Joint Relief Unit.

According to the informants, Speaking about the necessity of having a solution number in the accident and emergency management system in the developing world, Piedram Kodzani said: Sending the necessary relief teams and providing emergency services to citizens at the same time provides the shortest possible or golden time. .

He said: The contact number for the Subjects Unit and Relief Unit (SOS) to establish a joint transportation center was approved at the first meeting of the Crisis Management Headquarters in the capital, Tehran, in December last year and in the thirteenth government. This network was to be launched with the participation of hardware and related devices. The mayor of Tehran raised this issue as one of the major projects in Tehran.

Referring to the positive impact of this measure on the quality of services to citizens, Khouzani said: “This project will be implemented in Tehran and will be developed and managed after implementing major obstacles and challenges and during the implementation process.” It has been facilitated.”

He said, “If the necessary support is provided, the estimated duration of the project will be two years, six months of which will be devoted to reviewing local and international experiences, reviewing equipment procedures, verifying their validity and conducting the required studies.” For this purpose, the preliminary study of this major project was conducted in the last week of April with the participation of the Tehran Municipal Studies Center, representatives of relief organizations and related services, experts and professors of the university. An intellectual body is required, meetings continue every week.

He expressed his hope that through the conception and implementation of this service, it will be an effective step to facilitate the process of providing relief and services to citizens.

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