Starting a review of the proposed budget for 1,402 municipal districts in Tehran

The Director General of the Program and Budget of the Municipality of Tehran announced the start of the review of the proposed budget and appropriations for 1,402 of the 22 districts of Tehran.

According to the informants, Announcing the start of the review of the proposed budget of 1402 for the municipal districts of Tehran, Amir Shahrabi said: So far, separate meetings have been held to review the proposed budget and appropriations in the presence of mayors and deputies of 1402 2, 3, 4. 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, etc. The regional meetings will be held according to the schedule with the efforts of the full plan and budget of the municipality of Tehran and in the presence of representatives of the coordination of technical and civil affairs of the region. sections

Pointing to the axes of the proposed budget for the year 1402 of the Tehran municipality, the general director of the program and budget of the Tehran municipality added: The budget for this year is being prepared based on the fourth program bill of the Tehran municipality and the emphasis on its completion. Half of the district projects are considered in the acquisition of capital assets, the stable, sustainable and affordable development of the neighborhood, the consideration of fair redistribution and the size of land use, and the provision of services in the acquisition of non-sustainable assets. Considering the per capita share in low-income areas and reducing the gap between them and high-income areas.

According to him, in the process of dealing with budget plans for 1402 districts, the methods of the mayor of Tehran, including the modernization of the city in the public transportation department, attention to less privileged areas, families, mosque-oriented, as well as priorities. The 6th Tehran City Council was taken into consideration and the project was prioritized accordingly.

Referring to the 1402 budget formulation program of the Tehran municipality, Shahrabi continued: Before entering the 1402 budget formulation process, in several meetings in recent months, with the establishment of spending credit lines and the acquisition of capital and financial assets, some budget items were duplicated and the same was investigated. have been merged.

The Director of the Program and Budget in the Municipality of Tehran announced the implementation of the plan for organizing and reviewing credit lines in the 1402 budget of the Municipality of Tehran and said: The implementation of this project increases the powers of the CEO in implementation. Operations and costs of credit lines, removal of some restrictions, reduction of the number of existing operational specification contracts and the possibility of interchangeability with quality and reference content, increased oversight and oversight of budget implementation and increased financial discipline and transparency.

According to the city’s website, he referred to the cooperation of the mayors of the regions in formulating the proposed budget for the next year, and said: We have tried to help the regions implement projects that the neighborhood and citizens need. . Taking into account the needs of each region to attract people’s satisfaction

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