Stoned private banks on the way to marriage / voice of the Secretary of the Golestan Banks Coordination Council

Detectives / Golestan The Secretary of the Golestan Provincial Banks Coordination Council criticized the stoning of some banks in repaying marriage loans, saying: “Some banks are deliberately liquidating customers so as not to pay the 4% goodwill cherry loan!” ”

Hussain Qadeer said this evening at a meeting of the family and youth support camp in Golestan province: According to him, the Housing Corporation prefers to grant rural real estate loans or care facilities in the area in case of marriage. , All areas are important to provide great facilities and the size of our files is very large.

He said: In the field of maternity, out of 10,552 cases entered into the banking system of Golestan region, 1,514 cases resulted in payment of facilities. However, the guidelines for this project have recently been announced and interrupted. The facility has just started.

Referring to the wedding loan facility statistics in Golestan Province, the Secretary of the Golestan Provincial Banks Coordination Council said: “Last year’s statistics show that 43,310 marriage loans were provided in 14 banks and institutions that are members of the commission, of which.” 240000298 were paid from the banking network.

Regarding the registration of a marriage application since May of this year, Khader said: So far, 11,815 marriage loans, equivalent to 3,447 loans, equivalent to 29%, have been provided in Golestan. .

He considered Malat Bank and Exports as one of the most late-to-marriage banks, and added: “Many of the warnings we gave to this group of banks were worthless, because some banks deliberately target customers due to non-payment of customers.” Removal. Cherry Belle loan by four percent!

The Secretary of Golestan Banks Coordination Board stated that unfortunately some banks are in disarray and are focusing too much on their profitability: 47 cases from Bank Sepah, 350 cases from 792 cases, 3,231 cases from Bank Mellat. 731 cases from Bank of Malta and 731 cases from Bank 641 led to the payment of the facilities.

Khader referred to the birth statistics and added: 403 birth requests out of 1,373 were paid in Bank Melli, of which 970 were in turn, and no referral or cancellation was reported in the bank. Of the 80 that have been paid, 31 are pending, two have not been paid, the remainder have not been referred and the case is nearing completion.

The bank said Melot has paid 503 of the 2,999 cases in the maternity ward, of which 1,120 are pending. According to my conversations with this group, they have declared that there is no particular problem and they do.

The Secretary of Golestan Banks Coordination Board added: Bank of Tejarat paid 56 cases out of 1,824 cases, 56 cases, Maskan Bank out of 82 cases, 36 cases, Welfare Bank out of 277 cases, 82 cases, and Iran Online Bank out of 259 case, and 150 cases. he is. . There are five unpaid cases from the Bank of Industry and Mines.

Qadir stressed: In a meeting with various banks in the past, in the presence of the governor of Golestan, it was stressed the need to make more efforts to facilitate marriage and childbearing and to facilitate this important issue.
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