Strange statistics for the referees of the English Premier League! / 38 referees for 17 weeks

After 17 weeks of the Premier League, 38 referees have whistled in matches and the most referees have been in seven matches.

According to the informants, 136 Premier League matches have been played this season, and these matches have been whistled by 38 different referees. A number criticized by all experts, veterans, and even officials of the Judges Committee. This situation has been formed over the years and although the number of referees has decreased in the Premier League, this number of referees is still high for a 16-team league.

With 17 weeks to go, there have been six referees who whistled the most among referees by refereeing in 7 matches and somehow they were lucky and of course better than their other teammates. Maud Vanadivar, Bijan Heidari, Wahid Kazemi, Kobal Nazimi, Amir Arab Bragi and Prince Saman Sultani are six referees who have been able to referee the most in the current season of the Premier League.

Meanwhile, Bijan Heydari and Vahid Kazemi with 34 yellow cards and Moawad Fanadifar with 29 yellow cards were the referees who warned the players the most. Of course, on average, the rulings for Hassan Akrami, Mehdi Syed Ali and Ali Bey were the most yellow cards. Ali Bey 6 yellow cards, Mehdi Syed Ali 5.66 yellow cards, Akrami 5.6 yellow cards per match are the record holders.

So far, players have received a direct red card in only 7 matches, and meanwhile Hamed Haj Malek holds the record for sending off two players directly. Also, 15 referees have sent players off the field in the current Premier League season by showing them a second yellow card, and only Payam Heydari has this twice.

Of the 38 referees who have whistled in the Premier League, 21 have conceded a penalty. Meanwhile, Bijan Heydari, Yasir Hamring and Ali Safaei are the record holders with 3 penalty kicks. The interesting thing to note is that Safai refereed in only 3 matches and scored an average of 1 penalty kick per match.

Summary of the referees’ performance in the 17 weeks of the Premier League:

Number of games: 17 weeks, 136 games

Most sentences: Muad Fanadifar, Bijan Heydari, Wahid Kazemi, Kobal Nazimi, Amir Arab Bragi and Amir Saman Soltani with 7 matches.

More yellow cards: Bijan Heidari and Vahid Kazemi with 34 yellow cards

Most direct red cards: Hamid Hajj Malik twice

Most red cards (second warning): Heidari’s message twice

maximum penalty: Bijan Heidari, Yasser Hamring, and Ali Safaei, with three penalty kicks

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