The arrest of the thief of 10 houses south of Tehran / the armed thief burned the motorcycle with silver

The head of the Rey city police command announced the arrest of a person who tried to rob 10 homes in southern Tehran.

According to informantsColonel Hussein Ali Bin Ali explained two cases of the missions of the Rai Police Command during the past day and night, and said: The first case is related to the arrest of a professional house thief. Addressing this issue was placed on the agenda of the police officers after a report was announced of several cases of house theft in the city of Al-Rai, and after looking at surveillance camera footage, searches, and technical and specialized measures, they succeeded in identifying the professionals. A thief with the history of his home and his hiding place, they were in one of the southern villages of Ray City.

He explained that coordination was made with the judicial authority to arrest this person, and he said: After obtaining the necessary permits, the agents arrested the accused in his hideout and transferred him to the police.

Referring to the interrogation of the arrested suspect, Ibn Ali said: The suspect initially denied theft in the city of Al-Ray, but after being confronted with evidence and documents provided by intelligence officers, he confessed to 10 cases of house theft in the city. Level Take action. This person also introduced the owner of the stolen property, and the officers also arrested this person.

He stated that with the arrest of Malakhar, some of the stolen goods were seized from the place, and he said: Separate lawsuits were filed for the arrested thief and Malakar, and these people were sent to the Public Prosecution office to follow up the investigation process. the crime.

The head of the Police Command in the city of Al-Rai also announced the arrest of 3 violent thieves by Section 176 of Shahri, and said: These people tried to steal a motorcycle in the Hasanabad area of ​​Pafshavoy by threatening them with a cold weapon, and this case was investigated after one of the agricultural workers was referred to the center Hassan Police 176, where Abad was put on the agenda for the robbery of his motorbike by three youths.

Ibn Ali added: The agents began their field investigation by being present at the scene of the theft, and they acquired the physical characteristics of the thieves through intelligence procedures and presented them to the patrol agents. In addition, the blurred patrol officers from the police station operations team yesterday saw a three-stroke motorcycle with the same specifications as announced, and blackmailed another worker. The police quickly intervened and arrested all three thieves in the act of committing the crime and took them to the police station. police station. They did

He added: After the defendants were transferred to the police station and during the investigation, they confessed to committing the crime. The thieves were also identified after calling Malbakht. Finally, after completing the case, these three people were handed over to Ray City Police for further investigation.

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