The average daily attendance of Shad students was 57 minutes during the Corona outbreak

The Minister of Education, at the suggestion of 24,000 classrooms in Iranian TV schools, announced the formation of an education department headquarters in cyberspace to promote education in the post-Corona era.

According to the informants, Youssef Nouri In particular, the TV School program, which was broadcast during Teachers Week, was broadcast on the Sima educational network. It started almost simultaneously with the outbreak of Corona on March 31, 2017, and was unprecedented. 24,000 classes were held in the Television School during this period.

“We have a new birth in education during or after Corona,” he said. For this purpose, the Cyber ​​Governance Learning Base has been created, and naturally our education should be an integrated one.

The Minister of Education said the Shad network hosted an average of 11 million students with an average of 57 minutes per day.

Nouri continued: We have four pillars of education that can be referenced in the media. Donors are another pillar and their potential is well used in the school building as well as the media. We must move the Sima Education Network towards an interactive approach.

He thanked the teachers in our country who made great efforts to continue their education in these two years, saying: “This shows the pent-up feelings of the quarantine period and our teachers tried hard to bring them together.” Personal training, this should be appreciated.


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