The bitter end of the joke with Morocco’s victory over Portugal / a 9-year-old girl became a victim of Ronaldo’s fans.

A transparent report stated that Cristiano Ronaldo’s tears in Qatar after Portugal’s defeat of Morocco in the quarter-finals of the 2022 World Cup received great attention from football fans around the world. Some, including a 9-year-old Moroccan girl, joked about Ronaldo and posted pictures of themselves on social media. In this video, this girl is mocking Ronaldo: “The Portuguese national team is at the airport right now. Where is Ronaldo? He’s crying in his car. Poor Ronaldo.”

A few days after this incident, the girl’s mother was forced to post on social media and invite fans of the Portuguese star to calm down due to the severe harassment and insult of her daughter.

Marashi’s daughter’s mother posted a post on her page and wrote: I am the mother of a daughter who became famous because of Cristiano Ronaldo’s video, and now I want to say that my daughter is facing a very difficult psychological condition. And the emotional state, as long as these attacks, he refuses to eat or talk, my daughter Cristiano Ronaldo, I assure you, he did not mean to offend her, because he knew nothing about football, he only knew what in She heard it repeated.

The bitter end of the joke with Morocco's victory over Portugal / a 9-year-old girl became a prey for Ronaldo's fans.

He is 9 years old and wants to express his happiness, but unfortunately he has fallen prey to social networks. I apologize to all Cristiano Ronaldo fans for what happened, but my daughter’s mental health is in danger. Please treat the story as your little sister and forgive my daughter. “

Source: Young Journalists Club

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