The cost of all types of sabi flooring depends on the quality

How is the cost and price of stone floors calculated?

Floor types prices according to type

  • Wash the sabi floor from 1800 tomans to 3600 tomans per meter. (in the zone over 150 meters – in the lower zone by agreement).
  • Peeling the basement floor (depending on size, type of sub and stone): from 6,500 tomans to 25,500 tomans per meter.

Prices for types of floors according to quality

  • Ordinary floors (between 4 and 5 floors): The price ranges from 6,000 tomans to 8,000 tomans per meter. In an area of ​​more than 200 meters (smaller areas by agreement).
  • First class carpet (between 6 and 9 subs): Price from 7,500 tomans to 11,500 tomans per meter. In an area of ​​more than 200 meters (smaller areas by agreement)
  • Italian sabi flooring (between 9 and 15 slabs with high-quality pieces): price from 12,500 tomans to 18,500 tomans per meter. In an area of ​​more than 200 meters (smaller areas by agreement)

Note: Unfortunately, many profit seekers do not have sufficient experience. Try driving up the price by using the word Italian flooring or Italian stone flooring. But in practice, they will offer you a natural stone.

Note 2: Make sure your carpets are cleaned with special pads of Superior Polish 3000 to 6000. No iron wire!!!

Super Italian carpet price

In this type of flooring, such as granite flooring; The number of submarines was between 15 and 21. This is done with high quality bites and sausages. It should be noted that the price of this type of flooring ranges from 18,000 tomans per square meter to 25,000 tomans for an area of ​​more than 150 square meters. (As in other cases, it will be calculated by agreement in smaller sizes.)

Note 3: The main difference between carpet washing and carpet scrubbing is this. The white sludge is produced during subfloor peeling. While in Kavsabi Shashu, a block can be seen on the stone with water.

Note: The item affects the price

One of the points that have a significant impact on the price of the work is the discussion of the Sabi floor project location. It means that the project is located inside Tehran or outside Tehran. Whether it is in the traffic plan and all these things will affect the price estimate. For example, we have implemented many projects in Garmsar, Varamin and different cities around Tehran. However, we inform you that we have the cheapest price for Sabi floors and sometimes in very easy projects we have done stone floors for 1000 Tomans per meter. For more information you can contact us at Modern Sub and we will explain it to you by visiting the place.

Stone flooring price

1) The type of floor that has already been paved

These types of floors have already been sanded by floor cleaners, and no matter who did these floors, the height and height of the stone have also been removed, and they will have a lower floor.

2) Roofing of new buildings

In the floors of newly constructed buildings, all the height and height of the stone molded materials shall be removed, which is a complete floor.


High quality sanding: Sanding is used when your building floor stone has been stained with acidic liquids and cannot be cleaned. In such cases, sanding is used to make the floor stone completely shiny and bright without stains. , we can also mention the removal of unevenness and the height of the stone surface. If a high quality sub-tone is done on the stone, the stone will be so shiny that you can see your image in it

advantages of subang

  • Reduce cost by eliminating the need to replace stones
  • Stone surface restoration
  • Brilliant polishing of the stone
  • Stone restoration and repair

Substone price

It is calculated on the basis of square meters and depends on many factors such as the type of stone, for example granite stone floors with resin are the most expensive floors, polished stone floors without resin are among the cheapest floors, another thing that determines the cost of stone floors is the amount of work, the higher the volume Labor price decreased.

Granite flooring price

Granite is one of the internal igneous rocks that are formed as a result of high heat in the depths of the earth and the mixing of quartz, mica, feldspar and some other minerals inside the earth, and with the passage of time and because of the shaking of the earth. Layers and fires found their way to the outside and the earth’s crust, which if extracted in a special way and used in many industries, including the construction industry, the color of granite stone is available in different types, from pink to rich brown or black color is variable, granite stone has a density of 2.85 Gram per cubic centimeter is one of the densest and heaviest stones.

This feature of hardness and high resistance of granite stone against abrasion, shock and abrasion has made it widely used in the construction industry, such as in the construction of floors, facades and walls, and its first-class and high-grade type in decoration and luxury is also used as sazi. We must say that granite stone is one of the most difficult jobs, and first-class granite sanding starts from 13 tomans per meter and above.

The reasons for the high price of granite paving compared to other stones

1) Granite stone is very hard and stoned is very difficult and time consuming

2) The granite stone needs 25 steps to be completely shiny

3) Consumables in granite are very expensive and must be used with diamond bits that have the ability to cut this hard stone.

concrete floor price

Concrete is one of the surfaces that need floors before epoxy, and to make concrete decorations in factories, sheds, halls, etc., concrete floors are used. The price of concrete floors depends on factors such as height and height of the concrete, work volume, amount of mass on the concrete, etc. He specifies

Sabi stone price

Sabi stone is a subset of flooring services in which flooring is performed on stone. One of the most important points for business owners and engineers to know is to choose the best stone laying person for their building, who can do a better job with high quality and reasonable price. In order to understand the quality of work and the appropriate price of work, we must have sufficient knowledge of the shoe industry. Every quality worker must not sacrifice his price. Unfortunately, some people run low prices due to insufficient experience and in the end, witness poor quality and many scratches..we are on the rocks.

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