The Court of Appeal was held in the Aladdin Corridor in District 11

The mayor of District 11 announced the holding of an appeal court to cancel Article 38 of the Tehran Municipal Code of Conduct during the exercise of citizenship rights in the Aladdin Commercial Complex and the lawsuit of the owner of District 11.

According to the informants, “Citizens’ rights will not be squandered and we will do it. Do not fail to do so,” Seyed Mohammad Mousavi told the court to defend citizens’ rights and waste their rights in a case filed to issue a building permit for the seventh floor of Aladdin Complex. attention. .

He said, “After the ruling of Article 38 of the Municipal Code of Conduct in Tehran regarding restricting the municipality to issue a building permit for the seventh floor of Aladdin Complex, we went to court to fulfill our promises to the people.”

The mayor of District 11 said: “After the strict order issued by the mayor of Tehran regarding transparency and the realization of people’s rights in Aladdin Complex, we presented the efforts of the Tehran Municipality Legal Center and colleagues of the District 11 Legal Department and requested the abolition of Article 38.” Vote.” Judicially, we want to protect people’s rights.

Mousavi stressed: The construction of the seventh floor in this complex does not comply with any urban planning standards such as density, occupancy level, number of floors and 3, and currently this complex is one of the busiest commercial centers in Iran and thousands of people travel. Every day to the complex, due to the state of the complex, the construction of the seventh floor definitely endangers the public rights of citizens, so we continue to work seriously.

“We don’t want the tragic Blasco incident to be repeated and we must not allow the citizens to,” said the mayor of District 11, referring to repeated requests from people and businesses on the road to limit safety and construction in the Aladdin complex.

He said: In the Tehran municipality, relying on the principles of justice and transparency, we do not ignore people’s rights.

According to District 11 Public Relations, Mousavi stressed, “People’s rights and security are our red line in the Tehran municipality and with the support of the municipality’s lawyer, we will do our best to cancel the vote and satisfy the citizens.” “

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