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The day that bears the name of a missing child in the world’s calendars

According to the clear report, coinciding with the beginning of the National Children’s Week, the Center for Intellectual Development for Children and Adolescents issued a statement to the children of the world on the occasion of International Children’s Day.

This sentence emphasizes the importance of childhood and adult interest in this period.

Good and beautiful children from the world! Hello happy day

As a kid, I wanted to put the world in my backpack and take it with me. I sit on the distant hills. I put my happy colors before my eyes and paint the world as I want. One day I realized I couldn’t stand the world. The next day I realized that the world doesn’t fit in a backpack and that some parts of the world are so dark that the colors don’t change. That’s when I decided to start changing the world by changing the little things. From smiling to a beautiful bud, watering a thirsty flower, picking up trash from the beach or street, gently handling a hungry bird, kissing mom and dad’s hands, making peace with my friend, thanking my teacher and guide, and making a kite. Fortunately, during this time, my little world has expanded and is becoming more and more beautiful by the day.

Today, every child should think about positive changes in the world by making changes in their little world.

On this great and holy day, the children of Iran wish the bird in the name of happiness and hope to all the children and teenagers of the world. A golden bird and a singer that nestles in the hearts of all children and forever cherishes their immaculate hearts.

International Children’s Day and National Children’s Week are a valuable opportunity to draw the attention of adults to the importance of childhood and children’s needs and desires and to remind them of their duty to pay special attention to the needs of children for their health and development. . . prosperity, development and achievement

Baby day names are rare in global calendars. All days of the year should be named after children and children.

The National Children’s Week special online programs will take place from 16-22 March 1401 at the Artistic Cultural Center of the Intellectual Development Center for Children and Adolescents across the country.

Source: Young Journalists Club

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