The discovery of a ton and 100 kilograms of drugs in Shahr Mahal and Bakhtiari

Sharmahal and Bakhtiari Police Chief declared:

The police chief of Shahrhal and Bakhtiari announced the seizure of one ton and 100 kilograms of narcotics in the province, and they said: This year, these narcotic substances were seized in the form of plans to clean up polluted areas and control transportation axes in the province.

According to the Anna News Agency, the community group, Sergeant Manouchehr Amanullah and Police Chief Shahrhal Bakhtiari, added, on Thursday, to the province’s journalists: follow-up on news and information received by colleagues of the province’s anti-drug police and follow-up. Carried out in the past few days, drug police officers have succeeded. A major drug trafficking ring has been identified and destroyed.

He said: In these operations, 6 cars were seized and seven smugglers were arrested, and the arrest of accomplices and other drug accomplices is on the agenda of the anti-drug police officers in the province.

The discovery of a ton and 100 kilograms of drugs in Shahr Mahal and Bakhtiari

Amanullah reported an 18% increase in drug discovery this year compared to the same period last year, and said: During this period, 2,000 addicts were identified and arrested, including drug addicts, drug addicts and smugglers.

According to Anna’s reporter, Sharmhal and Bakhtiari have 3 thousand 732 kilometers of roads, of which 259 kilometers are highways, 761 kilometers are main roads, 291 kilometers are secondary roads, and 2 thousand 369 kilometers are rural roads, which are part of these communication roads. . The province including Bruges from the city of Lordgan. It is one of the means of transportation.

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