The discovery of more than 90 kilograms of drugs from citizens in the province of Kerman Railways

According to the transparent report, Sardar Heshmat told al-Maliki: “The serious fight against drug smuggling in the country’s railways is still on the agenda of the country’s railway police, and we will not allow the activities of exploiters.” For drug smuggling by the railway industry

This senior police officer said about the details of drug discovery on the Kerman railway line: By intensifying control measures, the officers of this command in the Kerman Railway Police have cooperated with the Baran Kerman Police Command. The region was able to seize 95 kilograms of the car and arrest 400 grams of opium and two Afghan citizens.

He added: After completing the legal procedures, the accused were handed over to the Anti-Narcotics Police of the Kerman Police Command along with the discovered materials.

Addressing the passengers’ owners who chose railways and trains as their means of transportation, Sardar pointed out that the serious fight against mortuary carriers is a priority of the railway police’s mission, and advises railway industry passengers to avoid transporting suspicious packages. refrain. Railway police will take legal action against carriers if they see unauthorized and prohibited items by unknown persons.

Source: Young Journalists Club

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