The drug dealers are arrested

Rabat Police Chief Karim announced the arrest of two experienced thieves in possession of more than 100 grams of heroin and several cold weapons.

According to the informants, Colonel Ali Jankaneh explained the details and said: Immediately after showing the power of cold weapons and disrupting order, security, terrorism, public order and security, the purchase and sale of narcotics was followed up and dealt with. With him on the agenda, the officers of Naseershahr 12 Police Station started their operation to identify and arrest the accused.

He said: The accused were identified by conducting a police operation in the hideout and the necessary arrangements were made with the judicial authorities to arrest these people, and the agents arrested these two villains by conducting a special operation. Police Headquarters.

Rabat city police chief Karim discovered, during his interrogation and examination of the defendants’ records, that the accused had a history of evil and the purchase and sale of drugs, and he was interrogated. He must plead guilty to 15 ready-to-sell counts.

According to the Information Center of the Western Intelligence Police in Tehran Province, Zanganeh added: A case has been filed for these arrested thieves and sent to the Public Prosecutor’s Office for further investigation of the crime.

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