The electronic news agency will record the “Qaltouk” carpet globally in the next three months. Iran and world news

According to an online reporter, Seyyed Hossein Golestani said, on Thursday evening, at the unveiling ceremony of the world registry record of hand-woven “Kualtouk” Zanjan carpets and the national registry of hand-woven carpets “Khamsi” and “Badgin”: in 1385, in 1385, in 1394 reached the world record. Particular attention was paid to the development of carpet exports in the country.

He continued: The Iranian National Carpet Center is trying to market and develop the export of carpets with the help of the private sector, unions, producers, sellers and the Chamber of Commerce of this industry by developing a specific and codified program using the capabilities of carpets. Syed and the carpet export station bring him to his true location.

“Unfortunately, in these few years, the development of export and marketing has been neglected, and no effective measures have been taken in this area in line with the carpet industry,” said the deputy head of the economics and marketing department of the National Center for Iranian Carpets.

Kolstani Fard added: Carpet weavers insurance is what carpet weavers follow, which is being replaced today, that is, when the number of insured persons from the statistical community decreases, others will replace it.

The managing director of Zanjan International Fairs said: One of the steps taken by the Zanjan Handwoven Carpet Export Station is to gather a bank of handwoven carpet exporters, strengthen the unions of handwoven carpet producers in the provinces, and attend a special exhibition. events abroad

Syed Reza Kandili added: We intend to move the carpet production in Zanjan Province to the export markets, so we compile and implement our program regarding carpet export profits in 1402.

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