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According to an online reporter, Hojjatoleslam Ali Akbar Derakhsenda on Monday evening at the meeting of the Arba’in Hosseini preachers in Babylon. B The forty movement became a discourse: the manipulation showed the world the readiness of Advent.

Al-Husayni mentioned the Arbaeen pilgrims, students, missionaries and scholars, and added: Among the duties of preaching and narrating in the Arbaeen, on the other hand, the flow and culture of the Arbaeen Al-Husayni between cities, mosques and mosques. Neighbors, youth, Basij and jihadists are organizing a rally.

He stated that a similar platform should be set up for Urban’s global exercise and added: Missionaries also have a duty in this gathering and we, Urban survivors, are missionaries of reproduction and interpretation in our city and our neighbours. Gary to have

Referring to the insufficient number of missionaries in the states along the Arbaeen Road, Hojjatul Islam Darakhshandeh said: The state of Mazandaran has been settled in the state of Ilam, and if necessary, we can send missionaries to the districts of this state.

The Cultural Deputy of Islamic Propaganda confirmed to Mazandaran to me He said that the Arbaeen event is an ideal platform for interpretation and propaganda, and said: The harmony between the two countries of Iran and Iraq has many blessings for both groups.

suggest it Expedition The Supreme Leader has made a great effort in training the narrators of Tabligh, and he said: This effort led to the writing of a novel in the forty that was well received.

He said that the performance of the Ashura epic was organized in some areas of the province: this plan was well received.

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