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According to the e-mail reporter, Mrnariman Yugbashi announced in a press conference on Monday that there are 7 centers of applied sciences in Zanzhen Province, and said: 2,979 students are studying in these centers.

He mentioned that out of this number are 607 students and 2390 students, and he said: 28,979 students have graduated from the applied science centers in the governorate so far.

The president of Zanjan University of Science and Technology published 720 school activities at the University of Science and Technology and said: In order to train the professors of this university, 192 teachers will be trained for three days.

“Development of short-term education is on the agenda and we are trying to change the profession from a documentary perspective and look forward to identifying the industrial brands in the province,” Yuzbashi said.

Referring to the university’s plan to hold short-term training courses, he said, “This four-year program has been developed in seven of the university’s seven university centers.”

The President of Zanzan University of Science and Technology stated: The educational services along with other educational systems will be in person from April 5th and exams will be in person from June 18 to July 31.

“The appointment of a paid teacher is on the university’s agenda, and university professors should use the courses before starting work,” Yuzbashi said.

In announcing the number of new courses at the university, he said: “In February last year, the number of associate and master’s degree symbols was 99, and in September of this year it attracted 160 students.” Course Codes

The President of Gangan University of Science and Technology added: The number of field codes for this university is growing by more than 61%.

“In this center, a comprehensive and complete research was carried out on sectors that are in line with the potential of Zhenzhen District in the field of industry and agriculture,” Yuzbashi said.

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