The government has a special program for rural and Bedouin women and education survivors

Vice President for Women and Family Affairs:

Khazali said: In our country, more than 90% are literate, but in villages and tribes, this percentage is less.

The Economic Group reported to Anna News Agency, that Onseh Khazali added today, Saturday, at the International Rural Women’s Day Conference and the Sixth Conference on the Role of Rural Women and Bedouins in Sustainable Development, which was held in the Development Hall of the Ministry of Agriculture. Strive or Struggle. This time last year, the Wm Omid Entrepreneurship Fund promised that the 1960s rural couple’s marriage would make this a reality.

The Vice President for Women and Family Affairs said: According to statistics, rural girls are more celibate than urban women, and it is necessary to provide the necessary support for marriage and family consolidation in the village. This facility will be penalized and until the end of the year, facilitation will be implemented for those who have these conditions.

He explained: According to the 2014 statistic, about 10 million women live in villages, the average age of marriage is 23 years, which requires serious cultural and economic support due to the spread of celibacy.

Khazali added: 65 percent of rural women now have husbands, partly due to the death and divorce of their husbands, and 26 percent are forever single.

He stressed that priority is given to women’s issues such as literacy, education, health and family life for women, and explained: We have more than 90% of the educated in the country, but this share is lower in villages and Bedouins, and this is a special matter. a program. We have education for rural, nomadic women and survivors, and we have allocated special funds to this department. Those who survive the implementation of the new plan will be excluded from education.

Regarding the presence of women in the villages, he said: In addition to preventing immigration, the presence of women in the villages leads to the stability and work of the villages and the improvement of food security, and we hope to ensure this stability with the necessary support. .

Khazali, Undersecretary for Rural Microfinance Affairs, said: The women’s sub-group has provided facilities to support women entrepreneurs in 19 provinces and we will take measures to accommodate 60-year-old couples. In recent years, the woman has done a lot of work in the field of agriculture and the cultivation of medicinal plants, and we hope that it will continue with the necessary support.

He said about rural women’s insurance: Rural women’s insurance is carried out in the youth plan of the majority of society.

Khazali added: In the seventh program, women’s entrepreneurship was empowered and the necessary credits and facilities for export and marketing were developed.

The Vice President of Women and Family Affairs, regarding the health of rural women and travelers, said: Now there is a shortage of specialized doctors and emergency services in these areas and this problem must be resolved.

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