The importance of territorial integrity and national security

Safety comes first and there is no doubt that the police of any country must be respected and respected, but can you swear that all the police forces are innocent and some of them have done no wrong? Do they all act according to law and morals? Well, if something goes wrong, act quickly to protect the dignity of others or if something goes wrong, inform the police in advance, we apologize in advance. Such an act not only reduces the dignity of the police, but also increases their respect in the eyes of everyone.

Not to mention that many organizations are responsible for maintaining chastity and veiling, why should the Ministry of Interior and the police force act unilaterally without regard to the duties of other organizations.

Ms. Mohassa Amini’s death is heartbreaking, but the death of so many people, especially dear young men from the police forces or the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and the Basij, is not. Unjustly spilled blood is expensive for everyone, but more important is the abuse of these events. Mrs. Mahsa Amini did not realize that it had no effect, it is a question of who knows the outcome. But did he not have a severe confrontation that caused him psychological damage, and if it did, is there no problem with morals and guidance?

The disrespect of Mrs. Mahsa Amini is not against this anarchy. Had she been stopped earlier, the following probably would have happened and there would have been less or less evidence against opponents and demonstrators.

The original may have been filled in by Pil Chu, but it was not passed on to Pil

We decide late. No doubt, external enemies are waiting for the opportunity and will not stop any action, but we must be careful and polite to avoid any offence, and above all insist on judging the text of our people.

Meanwhile, many people take advantage of situations and sometimes fight without wanting to start a fire or settle personal and collective scores, but they know who will benefit from the outcome. All foreign media are showing their hatred of the Islamic Republic and are sharpening their teeth to create chaos in the country.

Who brings their family’s disputes into the neighborhood and allows others to intervene, and which country has resolved its internal disputes with the help of other forces, except a coup? If there are errors, they need to be resolved both internally and with the help. Is it possible to speak in a safe environment or in a hostile environment full of hot feelings?

You have heard the story of these two women who quarreled over a child and went to Ali (peace be upon him) for mediation and neither of them failed. Hazrat had to say, OK, I’m going to split the baby in two so they get their share. A real mother is beyond my imagination and realizes that she is the child’s true friend.

Now, if they tore up the homeland, who would be happy except the enemies of Iran? If the protesters are patriots and not agitators, and if they love their country, they know very well that they should not do something to please the enemy, and the elite says: “If we need it we will solve it ourselves and we will not leave. The enemy is attacking us.” “Help” is the beginning of the disaster.

There are two things that are part of the mind: closing the mouth while speaking and speaking while silent


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