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The latest statistics on Corona patients and victims in the world

According to the latest global statistics of the Corona epidemic, the total number of people infected with this disease in the world has reached 681 million 560 thousand and 453 people, and the death of 6 million 811 thousand and 949 patients has been confirmed.

According to the informants, and according to the official statistics presented in the “Worldometer” global table, Corona (the virus that causes Covid-19) has killed 230 patients in the world, and 63,890 new infections have been infected during the last day and night. recorded in the same time period.

In addition, Mexico, which recorded 47 deaths, the highest number of daily Corona deaths, and Russia, which recorded more than 11 thousand new infections, recorded the largest number of daily infections in the past 24 hours.

So table The number of infected people and victims of this disease in the ten countries that recorded the highest statistics so far, according to official reports, was updated today (Monday), as follows:

# Name of the country The total number of patients Total casualties
1 United State 105602997 1,148,785
2 India 44,690,936 530,782
3 France 39,655,930 165,163
4 Germany 38256003 169,057
5 Brazil 37,085,520 699310
6 Japan 33,323,522 73,199
7 South Korea 30638929 34115
8 Italy 25627473 188,538
9 England 24,396,534 207,695
10 Russia 22,423,093 396,586

According to these statistics, Iran currently ranks 18th in the world table for Corona, with a total of 7,573,328 cases and 144,956 deaths due to the COVID-19 disease.

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