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According to an online reporter, there is a custom on the night of Ashura every year. Oh .. you Sob Tloo is a ritual that mourners perform on the night of Ashura until dawn prayer, as they mourn from mosque to mosque and care for each other and show their hearts in the plain of Karbala.

This tall place in Shahrud has been standing in special glory for many years and still has many fans among the younger generation as it takes the heart wherever it wants. At night near the middle of the Karbala plain and dawn. don’t call it Oh .. you The morning was punctuated by Father Ayatollah Behzat’s famous poem.mysteryA poem describing the day of Ashura. A poem asking the sun not to take out the body of Hussein tomorrowa) And his companions do not fall under the poison of the Tagoti horses.

mosque to mosque

In recent years, in this ceremony, which begins with Maghrib prayer and more recently after dinner, the mourning committee in Shahrud district of Dabad began its work and continues until dawn prayer and going to the mosque with the pilgrims of the mosque. They are alive at night, and they are divided, and each mosque tries to receive mourners with coffee, tea and cocoa milk, and again another mosque and another mourning.

At this concert, a limited group, despite no loudspeaker, slowly sings: u Religion is a guest in his sanctuary. Tomorrow evening his body is covered with horse hooves, and a woman’s breast is covered in harmony, no Oh .. you Early in the morning

Respect people for mourning

old slave He sings again, this is the night of death, the night when Hussein is a guest, his sorrow tonight is the thirst of his children, and the woman’s breasts do not respond. Oh .. you Early in the morning; Of course, this sadness has a higher point a “Bir Ghulam sings his morning clothes” Mazen Throw method Golan is a guest u Tonight and tomorrow, do not say religious prayers with great enthusiasm Oh .. you Early in the morning

This lamentation has the mood of the night of Ashura, especially when Pir Ghulam said, “No Hussain Fikr.” fathers and mothers Not because of John’s thoughts and people interacting. don’t do Oh .. you Besides the sections in which he asks the sun not to rise, Subh Tul’u Mulhasin describes an epitaph containing fragments of epic poetry.a) She also has a special passion and excitement.

Mosques try to accommodate this category well and show special respect to the people there they think so Because it’s not easy to walk for ten hours non-stop, and as Shahroudi says, it takes some kind of virtue to invite you, otherwise you won’t be able to participate. don’t do Oh .. you Early morning means even Karbala and Mashhad as a focal point and whoever participates in it escapes from it.

good mood

Shahroudi elders believe that if there is no heart, if there is no relationship, then one cannot take part in this ceremony, otherwise he will sleep or wake up. Sleeping in the mosque or something happens that you cannot attend.

This chapter has another component which is women. True, this group belonged to the men, but whenever the women had the opportunity, they would wait for the group in front of the old houses to treat the women’s breasts with pecan fire, broth, and tea. Especially on summer nights, vegetable yogurt is served cold in small bowls, and this slightly acidic broth is eaten without a spoon, just by taking a small bowl containing rice and straw. Milk, vegetables, without garlic and butter sour Plus it’s delicious.

Everyone wants something of this category, one needs treatment, another corner of the eye and an opinion to improve luck and solve other financial and health problems, everyone comes to get something, but the least they get is the light of the soul and soul. Ashura night and people who are waiting for the recitation of Ashura flower Ashura time tomorrow.

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