The need to harness the capabilities of urban diplomacy for the prosperity of the urban economy

Referring to the capacity of the City and Urban Management Fair in July, the Tehran municipality spokesperson stressed the need to use the capabilities of urban diplomacy for the urban economy to flourish.

According to the informants, In a meeting held today (Wednesday) on the theme of brotherhood performance and urban performance, Abdul Motahar Mahmoudkhani said: This exhibition will be held with the priority of urban economy, including attracting investment, from July 21 to 27 in Jiftjav Park. Export technical and engineering services

He said: Currently, we have proposals in the field of using the technical capacity of the Tehran municipality or establishing a civil store on the proposal of neighboring cities. In this exhibition, in addition to introducing the possibilities of urban management, we look to enhance economic interactions, especially with adoptive sisters, to attract capital.

Muhammad Khani continued: “On the other side of the exhibition, the historical works of the Tehran municipality and municipality will be revealed, and a large part of these exhibitions will be revealed for the first time, and on the other side of the exhibition, a large part of these exhibitions will be revealed. Shields for municipal administrators and outside the group “. It will be held if they wish and they can register after completing the list of license plates.

The Tehran municipality spokesman announced that the mayor or director, deputies and ambassadors of 17 sister cities of Tehran were invited to this exhibition, and said: The relevant booths will be presented to the sister cities, which are at the disposal of the embassies. In addition, booths were shown in the cities of this country.

He stressed: The aim of holding this exhibition is to inform the elites, the media, decision-makers and decision-makers about the measures that are being taken and what works are on the agenda. In performing this show, we tried to make it cheap and used sponsors to perform it. But on the other hand, without a doubt, one of the most effective measures to increase the income of the municipality is the organization of simultaneous demonstrations and the international conference on investment opportunities in Tehran.

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