The pilgrim bus accident in Karbala on the Sava highway in Tehran injured 42 people

Informants / Center The head of the Saveh Center for Medical Emergencies and Accident Management said: 42 people were injured as a result of an accident between a bus and a trailer on the Tehran-Saveh axis.

Bahram Saeedi said in a conversation with journalists: A case of a bus and trailer traffic accident on the Tehran-Saveh axis, 10 kilometers before the entrance to the city of Mamounia, was reported to the Operations and Communications Management Unit. this center

He said, “According to the number of the injured, five emergency teams from Al-Mamounia, Brandak, Al-Zawiya, Kafe Industrial City and the Red Crescent team were immediately dispatched to the site of the accident.”

According to Al-Saidi, the operations teams immediately sorted out the wounded and treated the wounded before entering the hospital.

He said: A total of 42 people were injured in this accident, 19 injured were transferred to the hospitals of Shahid Madrasat and Shamran-Sawh for further treatment, and 23 injured were discharged after treatment in the outpatient clinics at the scene of the accident.

The head of the Sawa Center for Accidents and Medical Emergencies said: The bus carrying pilgrims from Karbala from the northern cities of the country was heading towards the Iranian-Iraqi border when it had an accident.

The police chief of Tehran’s Savah Road also told informants: This accident occurred on the 40th kilometer of the western lane of the Sava highway heading to Tehran, and in this accident, a Scania bus traveling from Mazandaran province on this road collided with a Volvo. Truck from behind he does.

Colonel Farzad Hasanwanda added: According to road police experts, the cause of this accident was the lack of attention of the bus driver.

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