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The President of the Republic and his wife visited the family of the martyr Hassan Sayyad Khadee

Ayatollah Raisi said in an interview with the family of the martyr Sayyad Khudaei: “The cowardly assassination of the martyr Sayyad Khudaei is a sign of language and despair among the worst wishes of the Islamic Republic.”

According to the informants, the president of our country, Ayatollah Ibrahim Raisi, who was present with his wife at the home of the martyr Hassan Sayyad Khudaei, addressed the families of the martyrs, and prayed for God’s pleasure from God Almighty. His wife, children and other survivors asked for health.

He said in this meeting: “The martyrs, including the martyr Sayyad Khodaei, passed the test of revolution and defense of the Islamic regime. The pride of the enemy and the cowardly behavior of which this martyr was martyred is a sign of language and a sign.” Despair.” From the princes of the Islamic Republic.

The President said that in this world we are constantly subjected to testing and suffering, and said: “The martyr is a vegetative hunter who came out of the tragedy with pride and sacrificed his life to be martyred in the stronghold of the revolution.” The Islamic system and Islamic values: the fate of the martyrs of the enemies of the Islamic Republic and the damned benefactors is eternal.

“Instead of confrontation on the battlefield, the opposition of the Islamic Republic is committing cowardly killings, which is their language and frustration, and a symbol of the victory and power of the Islamic Republic of Iran,” Reis said. Martyrdom is a flag forever raised. Today is the day of your examination, O great family of martyrs, be patient and patient on the path of your dear martyrs and defense officers for the blood of these martyrs and other dear martyrs of our country.

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