The price of rebar and arm steel increased during the first five months of 1401 AH compared to the same period last year

The best way to check market conditions and predict prices is to compare with similar periods in previous years. For example, every year with the change of season we see fluctuations in the iron market demand and the price of rebar and iron. This comparison can also create a favorable view of conditions in related industries such as construction and automobile manufacturing, and price trends in the housing and automobile markets. In the following, we intend to examine the changes in rebar and rebar prices as the two major players in the steel industry during the first five months of 1401 and 1400.

In 1401, the price of rebar and beam mostly fluctuated under the influence of which factors?

Many factors like supply and demand in domestic and foreign markets, currency rate, inflation rate, etc. are important factors that interact with each other. Final price of steel profiles These factors were identified in the first five months of 1401, and were able to act as leverage and make changes compared to last year. rebar price And the a model change in the market. Below, we study the influence of these parameters in more detail:

Supply and demand

The volume of production and supply of steel products in the first four months of 1401 increased by 15% compared to the same period of the previous year. According to the accurate statistics of the site Rebar size and beam Production in 1401 was 3.463 million tons and 416 thousand tons in 1400. It is quite possible Price stability in the market help

The volume of demand in domestic and foreign markets can be checked. Local markets are always affected by people’s financial ability to rebuild and rebuild Annual government budget for construction projects in the country an agreement. On the other hand, it is the demand from overseas markets like Korea, Thailand, Georgia, Iraq etc. that burdens the country’s export portfolio. but cheap russian sales To escape the pressures of US and European sanctions in the past few months, The decline in the volume of Iranian exports Come


Inflation has fluctuated in the past five months, and has mostly occurred in the food, beverage and tobacco groups. Therefore, the economic situation has not improved compared to last year. An increase in inflation can always act as a lever to increase prices in the hardware market.

The price is half a dollar

In the first five months of the year 1401 the dollar price reached 31 thousand tomans. We were able to see the effect of increasing this rate in different markets, including steel market See also, but this interesting price did not last long and came to less than 29 thousand tomans. This ups and downs could leave a mark on the iron market. But they didn’t make much difference.

The country’s political and economic conditions

You can never control factors like: Economic situation, political conditions and trade relations of a country with other parts of the world It was neglected in the pricing of steel sections. Among these factors, we can mention the sanctions imposed on the Iranian steel industry and the slow progress of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. For this reason, any news regarding the JCPOA and any decision by any of the parties will cause volatility in the iron and steel market.

Comparison of rebar price changes during the first 5 months from 1400 to 1401

In the first five months of the year 1400, we saw a change of government and some political views. On the other hand, the entry of the hot months of the year has increased the demand for steel sections. These changes are possible rebar price bonab And influence other brands as well. In this way, until the end of August 1400, we saw a 43.4% rise in prices.

Bar market in the last 5 months unprecedented recession Experienced reduction in exports can lock up a large part of steel products within the country’s borders and lead to hoarding of them in the markets. In this way, the price chart moves to the cheaper side and prevents price hikes in the months of peak market demand. According to statistics, the price of rebar, consisting of 16 pieces, can be observed since the beginning of 1401 and the first five months of it, but in the same period last year, these price changes experienced an upward trend.

Examination of the price of iron beams in the first 5 months of the year 1400 compared to the same period in the year 1401

Iron price fluctuations are an important factor in changing housing prices addition; Therefore, observing and predicting the behavior of this steel product is a concern of a wide range of people in society. verification beam price FICO shows in the graph of price changes on the website that the fluctuation of the riyal value of this product in the first five months of 1401 is minimal compared to last year. In the past two years, the prices of all brands of steel beams have gone up due to market changes, but if we want to see the slope of the graph. Fico . beam cost And to check out the other factories in the first five months of 1400 and 1401, there is an upward trend.

last word

Through a comprehensive review of the beam and rebar price chart, it is shown that the iron market in the first five months of 1401 was very weak compared to previous years. This stability and price stability can affect markets such as housing and cause recession. Therefore, observing the prices of these products helps you to identify and predict the behavior of relevant industries and related markets. You can also access a large database through the website and see the best price for the steel products you want offered by different sellers in the market so that you can make the right decision to buy.


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