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According to the Internet reporter, Sardar Syed Muhammad Salehi said, this evening, Monday, at the meeting of the Association of Security Donors: Mahshahr has achieved a high degree of martyrdom, which we are committed to.

He continued congratulating Imam Hassan al-Muztabi (peace be upon him) on his birthday, which was called the Day of Honoring Orphans and Stakeholders, noting: “On this blessed day, I had the opportunity to express my special appreciation and thanks to all the security authorities.”

The commander of the Khuzestan police force, the Supreme Leader (Majid Al-Ali), was able to carry out his orders and formed the first security donor association in Khuzestan: the people of Khuzestan always ask for orders. But the jurist (his high humiliation) proved that.

Expressing his appreciation for the support of the security donors and the material and spiritual assistance to the police in their work, he said: “The Security Donors Association is a symbol of people’s participation in the development of order and security in Khuzestan, and in this regard, with the cooperation of national security donors in Khuzestan Province.” Governorate.

Sardar Salehi said: “Security is a cross-sectoral issue, and people must cooperate with other agencies and the police in creating, maintaining and stabilizing security so that people can live in comfort and tranquility.”

“Experience has shown that if organizations and agencies do not have the support of the people, they will certainly not succeed in fulfilling their duties and responsibilities,” he said.

Khuzestan Police Command Statement: The Police Forces Association expects the police not only to ask them to build and complete the building, but also to enter the field of culture and shooting, which threatens public security.

He continued, “Last year, the police collected more than 4,000 unlicensed weapons in Khuzestan, which can only be achieved with self-sacrifice, dedication and sacrifice from colleagues who were able to provide this security in the province.”

Sardar Salehi said: “All our efforts are to create better security and stability in Khuzestan with the participation, interaction and cooperation of the people of this region.”

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