The Tehran municipality’s view of female heads of household is that of “Forsa”.

The Director General of Women and Family in the Municipality of Tehran said: The municipality’s approach towards women heads of households is characterized by opportunities. We are with every Tehrani woman who wants to turn her home into a production workshop, and the “Work with Blood” campaign is dedicated to all Tehran women.

According to the informants, Maryam Ardabeli At the opening of the 18th National Woman and Production Exhibition, he said: I thank the entrepreneurs because this opening would not have been possible without their help, dear ones who are trying to produce high-quality local goods with the complexities of production and creating a suitable work environment.

He added: We help entrepreneurship in several ways, one of which is Kausar entrepreneurship projects, so that last year we had 62 cases of Kausar entrepreneurship in Tehran, which today has reached 81 centers. Of course, our Kausar space business capacity has increased from 700 to 1450 female heads of household.

He noted: With regard to small businesses, many women who produce products at home have problems in the field of branding and marketing, which are reinforced by training. In this regard, the “Kar To Khonmun” campaign was launched to empower women working at home, and it registered thousands of registrants in the first few days.

Stressing that the municipality’s approach to women who are breadwinners for their families is based on opportunities, he said: There are 15,000 women members of the housewives system in the municipality of Tehran, and a thousand people have been added over the past year, and some of them have added. It has been removed from the list. For people who are members of this system, courses of counseling, employment assistance, empowerment, job creation and sometimes assistance with livelihood packages are considered. We also have a variety of programs for children of housewives, such as mentoring and educational programs.

He added, “Any woman who wants to turn her house into a production workshop, we are with her and the campaign is for all the women of Tehran.

Referring to the 18th National Woman and Production Exhibition, he said: This exhibition was closed for nearly three years due to the spread of Corona, and during this period the products increased. In metro stations with heavy traffic, four tourist places for display booths have been set up and the capacity has been increased compared to previous periods in this way, which has increased the opportunity to sell household products.

He added: During this period, the product was offered to 4,500,000 people in a central way in Sargar’s orchard and in 10 points of the city in a decentralized manner within 12 days, and the price of the products is 30% cheaper compared to the market.

He added, “The structures of this year’s exhibition are used for other exhibitions, and they are not huge, and they are also environmentally friendly and have a lower price.”

According to the Shahr website, he indicated that: Since the beginning of the year, we have created sales opportunities for small businesses for women heads of families, reaching 10,000 people a day, and if you provide us with new spaces such as Tari Square, there women will not visit us and touch his chest.

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