The university and the problem of the day – two matches

Also, in the political field, the government must better understand the general interests of the people and their country by drawing on these elites. In Iran during the Sasanian era, and because the intellectual government of the Iranians was based on the elites, they put the viewpoint of science and scientificity as a priority in their time. During the Shapur era, looking at Iran and the need for transformation in modern scientific development led to the movement of translation and as a result the growth, advancement and height of the Iranshahr civilization. The path that reached its peak in the time of Enoshira. In this era, we see three high-ranking science centers in Iranshahr, which have followed the progress of Iranshahr by focusing on science. Jandishpur is a well-known scientific center for natural sciences of medical type. But at that time he knew very well that neither the practical sciences nor the natural sciences, under the influence of the Greeks or something else, could advance by themselves on Earth. These sciences regain their social meaning in light of human knowledge. Therefore, in a scientific center like Jundishapur, students first studied philosophy and some data of human knowledge and then turned their attention to medical and other sciences. In this way, two scientific centers in Iranshahr, Nasbin and Edsa (Riha), next to Gandeshpur, dealt with the humanities. Political science occupies a special place among all human sciences. Aristotle considered political science to be the crown of science. This claim is not about showing off and looking for privilege; Instead, Aristotle attributes the stability, security, progress, and development of the nation to the political planning of rulers and those in power. If the government is run on the basis of true political science and intellect, the country will be on the path to greatness. Then, in conditions of stability and progress, other sciences grow with peace of mind. Now, if a country is ruled by an unwise and unscientific political thought, the country will always be pregnant with crisis, chaos, protest and insecurity. How can thinkers and scientists calmly reflect on this situation.

This launch demonstrates the importance of a human focus on the country’s growth and development. However, it should be noted that educational centers such as universities depend on the interests of the country and the nation before serving the government. Therefore, we find the word “national” in the suffix of universities. Doctor under the title of Iranian University. This phrase can be clearly understood in the words of Mr. Javad Tabatabaei. This statement stated that the League should think and reflect on national issues and issues that concern the land of Iran. In the Sasanian period, these scientific centers, before taking care of the interests of power, classes and unions, had real aspects of the problems of Iranshahr, the ethnic unity of Iranshahr and the superiority of civilization in its intellectual work. In the Middle Ages after Islam, on the one hand, the survival of Iran and the Iranians, and on the other hand, it became possible to build a new civilization in the Islamic context.

This intellectual framework that we discussed above places the university in the power structure, at the center of power and the people. The university is a part of civil society that creates a link between the social masses and the state through the elite and vice versa.

Through elite thinking, the public becomes the plan, and the power structure must have the art of harnessing it for the national interest. The government and those in power should refer to the university to discuss their problems scientifically and intellectually. Dashgha was considered the main intellectual and advisory authority of the ruling rulers. In this process, the biggest potential mistake occurs when academic elites seek power. This does not mean that academics should always stay away from power, no. Rather, in the university, it must be understood that not all lecturers are thinkers and have opinions. It is directed at intellectuals and intellectual and scientific experts who need criticism, reflection and analysis of the problems of power and its problems in academic elites, far from power and in the body of civil society. Providers of intellectual narratives to others, however, are not few as university lecturers. Whether or not their presence in the power structure affects their intellectual insight, these people are not intellectuals.

Now we realize the importance of the university and its vital role in the growth and development of the country. With this particular work, the university with its scholarly style, governance and authority has always been the main critic in the field of civil society. Since politics is strategy, politicians in government must rely on academia as a mirror reflecting their mistakes. But unfortunately, since the beginning of the victory of the revolution, politicians considered the University of Manquid an enemy with their cynicism and conspiracy, and began to dislodge the elites and change the scientific nature of the university. He made the national and decisive university a university based on power, then by excluding the elites in the humanities, applied and technical sciences, he entered the university under the title of power committed to excellence. At best, the university ranks were filled with people who could only be called teachers rather than educated elites. A teacher who had to dedicate himself to imparting knowledge, by creating handbooks, maintaining the standard of education in the worst conditions and becoming a producer of student essays for the promotion of postgraduate assistant and assistant professorships. Professor, etc. The topic of Iran is not touched upon and the idea has no place in the university. Grief has turned respected professors into conservatives who don’t have the courage to answer their students’ tough questions. In this decade, many of those who won a university seat, with an examination held by respected professors with doctoral students called the comprehensive examination, it can be said that most of these people are not proud. The future of what I say is the result of my visits and my attendance at the university. I wrote my experiences as a university student and taught separately and will publish them in due course. But we can safely say that we can no longer hope that the university will be a place of thought. Of course, my words are not directed at all respected professors. Instead, he remains at Danian HQ, despite being mistreated in the news.


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