They killed the writers, so what is the importance of the exhibition venue?

The figure he announced was so surprising that I shuddered as an Iranian freelance writer. After I shuddered, I realized that there is no future for authored Iranian literature, and that this situation is no different for translated works, with the difference that the demand for it is greater. But this petitioner also comes somewhat overcharged and more than that, as might be expected, they give him the gift of the book.

In this case, how funny the city officials fight and gossip about where the fair is, our writer friends quarrel about banning the fair, and so on.

Brother, sister! This grave you are crying over is not dead. How long has it been since the book died due to the lack of control over paper prices and publishing costs? Even the textbooks “Die with Me” and “You Die” were published. Now, what does it matter to people who come to the book fair mostly to watch and eat french fries and hamburgers and cheese if they have enough money, where to go! Masla Tehran or Behesht Zahra Road and Sunny City, which was clear from the beginning, the sun of the book must finally set there.

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