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This law was optional for the executive bodies, not mandatory

Laila Zamani: The functions of art and artists are very weak and fragile in the different conditions of society. Perhaps one of the most important pillars is the visual arts community that has not yet recovered from the Corona pandemic, when society was exposed to new conditions during stagnation and stagnation in the sale and purchase of artwork. The law returned half a percent of the construction budget to government agencies for the purchase of works by the government for the visual arts community.

During the Corona pandemic, artwork, especially the visual arts, has suffered the most, and most artists have stayed at home without money or created artwork in the corners of their studios as galleries have closed. He continued with an online gallery and continued to exist, but some galleries were also closed. In the spring and summer of this year, with the receding of Corona fever and the return of galleries to the prosperity of the old days, the conditions of the country changed again, and art exhibitions were not held, but rather art exhibitions were held. And again this caused stagnation and stagnation in the market for buying and selling artwork and it became art.

Art Protection Act

If you remember, for the first time in 2012 a law was introduced in parliament requiring one percent of the construction budget for government organizations to purchase works of art, and by changing the situation from one percent to half and allowing it, I came to this conclusion. . Instead of being mandatory, all executive bodies and managers of capital asset acquisition schemes will be allowed within the framework of regulations prepared by the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance in coordination with the Management and Planning Authority and approved by the Council of Ministers. A maximum of “half a percent” of its appropriations shall be allocated to any project and building that represents the Islamic and national identity, depending on the religious and national culture, the cost of the same project. In 2008, it was revived and restored to its former form, allowing government agencies to allocate half of their construction budgets to the purchase of works of art. Government agencies should not be burdened with the implementation of this law. In 1369, this law was passed in a more complete form, and government agencies had to allocate a tenth of their construction budget to the purchase of works of art, but this law was never enforced.

“This half-percent law is a good measure, but this law is optional for the executive bodies,” Syed Ali Yazdikha, deputy head of the cultural committee in the Islamic parliament, told reporters. And it was not mandatory. This law was implemented in the seventh and eighth governments (Ahmadinejad’s government), because the prime minister tried to implement it and the ministers intervened, but subsequent governments did not agree to this law and dropped the case.

    This law was optional for the executive bodies, not mandatory

Syed Ali Yazdikha

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In response to the question whether this law has been removed? He said: No, this law has not been canceled and they can implement it.

Although this law has not been repealed, will the Parliament’s Cultural Committee include a law in this year’s budget that requires half of the construction budget for government institutions to purchase works of art? In explaining this topic, Yazdi Khe said: We presented our proposal in this regard.

Do you want to link this rule? According to him, the Cultural Authority of the Islamic Council is trying to make the law of half a percent of the construction budget obligatory. He said: This memorandum has no function because it is optional, and if it is not obligatory, it will not do so. . Based on the support of cultural works, handicrafts and arts, the purchase of works of art by government institutions is a legal responsibility of Parliament and allocates half a percent of the budget, of course, visual arts artists believe that the law is half a percent The construction budget of government agencies is a great help for the purchase of works of art, it affects On the art economy and artists who are prevented from working in different situations and harmed.


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