Unconfirmed reports of a new balloon sighting in Hawaii

Several pilots reported seeing a “large white balloon” on their radars as they flew east of Hawaii on Sunday.

According to the informants, reported by the English magazine The Sun, some of the reports published about this balloon indicate that this object was discovered in the Honolulu area.

The reports come days after US officials claimed that a Chinese spy balloon en route to Hawaii had been diverted.

According to some of the content posted on social media, many pilots discovered the presence of a “large white balloon” at an altitude of about 15,000 meters.

However, air traffic control and other US authorities have not confirmed such reports, and the identity of this object and its potential public threat remain unknown.

In connection with this balloon, a photo was posted on social media that appears to be a pilot holding a piece of paper containing a warning received about this balloon.

The Oakland Air Traffic Control Center also confirmed the presence of this UFO and reported that this balloon was over the Pacific Ocean about 600 miles northeast of Honolulu.

Earlier this month, the US military shot down several balloons in North America, including the controversial Chinese spy balloon off the coast of South Carolina on February 4.

Biden said Thursday that the United States is working to update its UFO surveillance and response policies.

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