understanding between Tehran and Riyadh; The golden leaf of oil in the region

The announced agreement between the Islamic Republic of Iran and Saudi Arabia to resume bilateral relations and restart the embassies of the two countries will bring about a change in the Iranian oil industry, and according to experts, this issue could be a trump card for Iranian oil.

According to the informants, during the negotiations between Iran and Saudi Arabia in China, in the past few days, the two sides announced in a joint statement that they would restore their relations to their normal state, and Saudi Arabia would resume from 1402 to date. Two countries will reopen their embassies in Tehran and Riyadh after the meeting of foreign ministers.

The agreement is very effective in reducing tensions in the region. Also, this issue can benefit the Iranian energy sector, as Jahanbakhsh Amini, an energy expert, told reporters in this regard, that multilateral interactions in any decision will certainly provide for the interests of partners, and as long as this is the case, nothing. From partners benefit from it does not trample on itself. If we move towards our goals with neighboring countries and those members of OPEC and play an important role, we will achieve a lot of benefits.

And he stressed that this agreement will certainly secure the interests of the two sides in OPEC and some trade and political exchanges and regional issues and will have positive effects on the process of political neighborhood issues, he said: Many of the goals of some countries that want this agreement are not in the same relationship.

This energy expert stated that this agreement will ultimately have a positive effect on price control and export coordination and will bring good benefits to Iran, and said: “There is no doubt that developing interactions with other countries in the field of energy can be positive, bearing in mind that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia also plays a role in it, and it is important in the energy market, this issue can be considered a good omen.

Amini continued: In the future, due to the fact that OPEC’s decisions regarding quotas and price control are not ineffective and this issue can guarantee Iran’s interests, Saudi Arabia has not encountered any problems in the field of financial issues and in terms of export issues. Also, if their quota is reduced, they will get points.

He stated that better decisions will be taken when they move forward with the two important producing countries in the region in cooperation and agreement, and he said: This issue will increase Iran’s cooperation with other countries in the field of energy, and this issue has also caused countries that agree, this should not be the case.

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