We remember Hussein Bannai by looking at the situation today

the doctor. Hossein Banai is one of the history-making figures in Iran and has made a great contribution to education and sports in the country. He was born in 1290 in Mashhad. He is “a great man in the history of sports, education and music, founder of several cooperative companies, founder of sports competitions in schools and universities, founder of the university’s higher physical education course, university professor, creative artist, painter.” Classical and modern disciplines, caricatures and miniatures (57 academic books. Writer and translator of French and English, writer, lover of service to educate the future generation, founder of camps, sports organizations and scouting houses, champion and pioneer of various sports, brave, pious, noble and great among the pioneers. From this land. Takes ” (1).

Hussain Banai received his Ph.D. in Education, Psychology and Physical Education from America and returned to Iran and rebuilt the Scout Organization in the country in 1332. Among his most memorable works, Bagh Mangar turned into a training and recreation camp for Scouts, as well as building Kalchal Camp in the heights of the same region It has become a major sports and training center. Banai built large scout camps in the cities of Ramsar, Mashhad and Neyshapur, and for this purpose, he built smaller buildings and centers in dozens of other parts of the country. Most of the construction and maintenance costs of these facilities were saved by his own initiatives and by generating income for the centers and attracting people’s cooperation, which he often uses despite having a high scientific and managerial position. In working with shovels and spades, masonry and gardening, he worked not figuratively, but with all his might and more than a simple laborer. It is appropriate to compare the role of the top managers of the state with that of the directors of certain sports federations or officials of the current “cultural” institutions and evaluate what these men are doing by spending astronomical out of the pockets of the nation! At least in the sports federations, I know to what extent this so-called “management” of NGOs leads to many low-income foreign tours, financial exploitation and the accumulation of personal wealth, and what low-value results are obtained. .

A look at today's situation and the memory of Hussein Bannai

It is a historical tragedy that a talented and prolific figure like Dr. Binay was arrested after the revolution, but after a while he realized there was no black spot on his record. But they were expelled from administrative positions and forced to emigrate. The Scouting organization then introduced several generations of children and teens to activities such as “good deeds,” volunteering, sports, living under a tent, living in nature, and “collective memory.” The Iranians had gone to the school, intending to use its facilities, and were disbanding. A series of other tragedies also occur, among them this scene and Kalchel which is an example of thousands of other violations. Mangarh and Kalchali, which he built on them, were closed to the public for many years, and then when their management was entrusted to the Ministry of Education, they were devoid of enthusiasm, sport and goodwill. At some point (a few years ago) it was taken over by the National Bank due to the debts of the Ministry of Education! In Mendere and Kalchal, other buildings and roads were constructed, which greatly damaged its natural and historical integrity and certainly put a lot of costs in the pockets of contractors and workers.

The constant upheaval we have witnessed in recent times is to a large extent the result of the rejection of competent men and women like Hussain Banai due to their different appearance and clothing, the appointment of unfit persons to institutions, opposition to the pro-government viewpoint or the differing clothing of others. Women. Men hide their opportunistic inner selves and their inner motives. Today all the inconveniences can be attributed to the conspiracy of foreigners, or we can turn a blind eye to the dire situation of society and the environment and pretend that the country is on the path of progress and glory … But the leaders of the country do not slowly reflect their wrong policies and the context does not create the growth of ideas, if they do not present them in a different way, Environmental health, economic development, the rank of dear Iran in indicators such as the health of the national currency, the validity of the passport and other increases will decrease. In indicators such as brain and capital flight.

*Environmental advocates


1) From the ShareSale website.

the doctor. You can refer to the book to learn more about the building Dr. Hussein Bannai is a man like a thorn


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