What are the plans of the Islamic Azad University of Ghainat for the year 1401?

Hamid Taheri, in an interview with the correspondents of the regional group of Anna News Agency, describing the main activities of the Islamic Azad University, Ghazni branch in 1400 and the programs of this university in 1401, said:

It was suggested that the company build special disinfectants for medical staff, integrate virtual and face-to-face training in some courses, and launch the new university website and upload it from the central agency’s server, which is another activity of the Ghanas unit. 2000 cubic meters for storing surface water, establishing and operating clinics and installing dentists in the first phase.

In his explanation of the future plans of the university, the president of the Islamic Azad University, the Canal branch, said: converting the arable land of the university into residential housing, transferring the housing of professors and professors to cooperatives, and strengthening the college. Medical Sciences After the approval of the operating room, the establishment of an in-patient clinic and the employment of foreign students became within the programs of this university next year.

According to Taheri, the ancient and historical Canal City is the second most populous city in South Khorasan Province and the capital of the strategic products of barberry and saffron in the world.

He said: The Islamic Azad University, the branch of the channel, began operating in 2000 as a center for the Mashhad branch, and in 2005 it became an independent unit. The university now has 20 full-time professors, 60 visiting professors, 33 staff members, and about 1,400 students.

The President of the Islamic Azad University, the Canal Branch, counted and added 65 subjects in this university: The Canal Branch has two doctoral programs, 13 master’s programs, 50 master’s programs and associate degrees, and about 6,500 students have graduated from them so far. . ..

According to Taheri, there are two primary schools for boys and girls in Sama with around 600 students, and the Islamic Azad University in Ghana has seen 20 percent student growth and 40 percent growth over the past two years.

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