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What are the simple tips for more happiness in marital relationships?

What are the simple tips for more happiness in marital relationships?

Statistics in Marital counseling They show that the passion and pleasure in marital relationships has decreased for many couples over time. If you find yourself avoiding sex, know that you are not alone, as almost 1 in 10 women will experience a decrease in libido at some point in their lives. Researchers have proven through studies that if passion and sexual desire are properly developed, the relationship between couples can last for decades.

But this proper upbringing requires training and Marriage counselor he got it. They also consider intimacy and happiness in life the most important factor in marital relations. In this article, we will mention eleven simple tips that will improve your sexual relationship with your wife. At first glance, these tips may seem frivolous, but by not following these tips, you have deprived yourself of more fun in your relationships.

Important points in marriage counseling

There are many factors that affect people’s lives day and night and reduce their libido, such as stress, fatigue, fear, and so on. But these things should not destroy the relationship between couples. To prevent relationships from being ruined, there are simple tips that you can follow to enjoy your marital relationship:

1Tell your partner clearly what you want from sex

When you want to improve your relationship both qualitatively and quantitatively, verbal communication and talking about it with your partner is a very key point. Express your needs in the relationship and don’t be shy about it, because this good communication creates trust and helps stabilize your relationship. So if your partner is not acting on your desires in the relationship, talk to them and express your desire. You may feel ashamed or even think that your partner will be upset by this conversation, but after the relationship ends, both of you will feel good about the relationship. The opposite is also true. That is, if your partner has a request of you, accept it and do it.

2Know your role during the relationship

The first point is very important. But you should note that you can’t put all the pressure of the relationship on your husband to make everything you want happen. As a partner, you must know your role very well in the sexual relationship. For example, it is important to bring yourself closer to sexual arousal whenever you feel it is the right time to arrive, so that this gives you and your partner more pleasure. This recognition can be obtained through marital relationship counseling. Layla Al-Abbadi’s advisory website can direct and guide you in this way.

3Choose the right time for the relationship

Thinking about and wanting sex when you or your partner are having a hard day or when you have a lot of work and your brain just can’t turn you on as much as you’d like. So choose the right time. Before anything else, try to create a sense of intimacy and peace between you and your partner so that the feeling of fatigue and pressure will go away from you and increase your happiness with a good relationship.

4make a plan

This point may seem a little strange at first. But you got it right. Planning! Planning is not only for studying, working, traveling and visiting friends and relatives. Determining the appropriate time in the week to conduct marital relations is very important and useful. When your relationship with your spouse declines, one of the ways you can bring it back to normal is to make these relationships a priority in your life. If you think of a suitable time for this task and write it down on paper or somewhere in your cellphone’s memory, it will help you and your partner prepare for intercourse. A large part of the interest of couples who articulate abundantly in marriage counseling is anticipation of sex and ideas about it. Simple planning in advance can solve all these unnecessary worries and thoughts. Couples who make time to connect with each other have healthier, happier relationships. This planning does not have to lead to intercourse and sex every time. It is important that you and your partner spend more time together and enjoy being together.

5Don’t limit the relationship to one place

You don’t have to limit your relationship to a romantic bedroom. The diversity of the venue can create a different and exciting experience for you. Under the shower, on the couch, in the kitchen or wherever you think looks more attractive. Even if you don’t intend to leave the bedroom, you can create a new space for intercourse by changing the interior decoration of the room.

6Prefer intimacy over sex

Marital relations will not be limited to sex only. Even if it’s the only goal sometimes in your lives, you shouldn’t focus all of your energy on sex. In various situations such as anxiety, exhaustion, or anger, it can be difficult to focus on sex. Therefore, instead of racking your brains over this issue, think about having an intimate relationship with your spouse. Newlyweds have regular sexual relations due to the intimacy between them. With the passage of time and having children, it is normal for this desire and intimacy to change, but in no way should it be lost in life. The feeling of intimacy and love between couples can ensure the stability of the relationship. Even during sex, you can induce this feeling through actions like kissing, hugging, or talking romantically with your partner. All of these things will help increase the intimacy between you two.

You can learn more about creating an intimate relationship in Marriage Counseling, Leila Al-Abbadi.

7Don’t rush into a relationship and be patient

Don’t rush into sexual arousal and be patient. The shorter your relationship, the less happy you will feel. Try to enjoy your relationship more by doing things like touching, kissing, cuddling, or joking with each other before sex.

8Experiment with new positions and situations

Variety is the spice of your life. This versatility is not only in clothing, home decoration or food. You should have this variety in your marital relationships as well. Therefore, you can use different positions for variety in your relationships and not focus on just one position. You can learn about these situations by providing marital relations counseling on Laila Al-Abbadi’s website.

9Don’t be afraid to get started

Don’t be afraid to start a relationship. You don’t have to wait for your partner to propose to you every time. This time it starts. Proposal to start an affair in married life is a sign of expression of intimacy and love for your spouse. Also, this change can show that both parties are attractive and desirable to each other, and this is very important in life stability. In addition, changing the pattern of starting a relationship can also lead to new experiences.

10Know your needs

Find out what makes you want to have sex. This is more important for a woman. Because unlike men who are easily aroused, a woman’s arousal has a more gradual process. Most women need to relax and prepare for sexual intimacy. To determine your need, think about what makes you feel good. Once you have identified and acknowledged these needs, be sure to discuss them with your spouse so that you can enjoy the relationship with each other and that enjoyment is not one-sided. Failure to speak up and express needs can have a negative impact not only on your state of mind but also on your relationship with your spouse. So do not avoid this and share these things with your wife.

11Attending marriage counseling sessions

One of the most important things that people easily overlook is attending marriage counseling sessions. Many couples are not aware of the correct sexual relations, and this lack of knowledge causes the other party’s resentment. Therefore, the best way to prevent intimacy and sexual desire for couples is to consult experts. You can go to the site to participate in these meetings Consulting midwife Laila Al-Abbadi In addition to raising awareness through reading materials, also participating in marital relationship counseling sessions.

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