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Online news agency – Governorate Group – Fatemeh Hosseini: 12 billion cubic meters annually water runoff It leaves Loristan and flows into the Karkheh and Dez watersheds. This amount is 4.5 billion cubic meters in the Karkheh basin and 8 billion cubic meters in the Dez basin. Also, 11% of the country’s 130 billion cubic meters of runoff flows into Lorestan.

There are more than 2,500 km of permanent rivers and waterways in Lorestan, and 2 billion 593 million cubic meters of surface and groundwater resources in Lorestan are harvested annually.

Fulfilling people’s demands in the circle of promises

Having more than 12 billion cubic meters water runoff In the province and Lorestan, the failure to benefit from this amount of water is a topic criticized by the people and the media to the extent that the lack of benefit of the people of the province from this capacity has found a fixed place in the region. Sayings of Lorestan officials and the demands of the people.

In June 1992 when the President started the construction of the dam project.AshuraHe traveled to Lorestan in order to set another fruitless struggle at the hands of the province of Lorestan in the last days of his government.

to reject

damAshuraLorestan Province approved the first trip of the government delegation about 15 years ago, and before that it was raised several times in different governments as one of the serious demands of the people and promised to be implemented, which are promises that have been kept for many years. Mesopotamia made of Luristan between the two rivers “Kashkan” and “will passHe’s thirsty.

Fast and final order of constructionAshura»

President Hojjat al-Islam Raisi, during his visit to Lorestan and in a press conference with the media, pointed out that one of the areas that can boost production and strengthen Lorestan’s focus on agriculture is the issue of dams, especially the dam.AshuraHe said: Today we announced the work of the dam.Ashura“We must start, we will allocate any amount of money we have for this project for the year 1401 and we will allocate it in other years as well; and of course the Minister of Energy announced that they have spoken with the project contractor that this dam will be completed in a shorter time than expected.

And he mentioned: Exploiting this dam will irrigate a vast plain and create job opportunities.

The chairman of the Lorestan Administrative Council also mentioned that the dam works must be done.AshuraAnd his studies have been completed, he said: We want to compensate for several years of delay. Work on the dam must begin according to the size of the appropriations that were in the state, and in this direction we are following up to increase our capabilities.

Hojjat al-Islam Raisi asked the Wali of Lorestan and the Minister of Energy to follow up on the implementation of this project.

Referring to the water issue, he also said: Lorestan has 12 billion cubic meters of water. The issue is not a lack of water, but rather an issue of water management. Water management is one of the important issues in Lorestan and the country.

The President stressed that the issue of water is very important, and it must be followed in order to calm the water management of the people, who have water for both agriculture and drinking, and the President added: All our plans in Lorestan must be subject to one important issue. , which is the creation of job opportunities and the elimination of unemployment.

As Hojjat al-Islam Raisi stated in a meeting with different sections of the people in this regard: “The work of the dam.”Ashura»Be sure to start immediately; Because studies have been carried out and their necessity has been recognized.

Hojjat al-Islam Raisi stressed that the budget may not be given in full this year and next, but the dam Ashura We put in the annual budget; He added: We should not manage water in such a way that we feel sad in both drought and drought.

Recalling: “The beginning of the dam works.”AshuraThe particle of a direct body part of We have obtained travel approvals.

The promise of the end of 1407 is complete

Mehrdad Viskarmi representative of the people of Khorramabad and chigani He said in the Islamic Council recently, during his visit to the process of implementing this dam: “With the will that I know in the president, the minister of energy, as well as the contractor for the dam, which is Khatam’s headquarters, we hope, based on expectations, that the dam will be completed.”AshuraIt will be built by the end of 1407 AH.

He said: This dam will be built with a capacity of one billion cubic meters.

Representative of the people of Khorramabad and chigani He said in the Islamic Council: Four power stations will be built in this direction as well.

Viskarmi also announced the capacity of these stations at 80 megawatts.

And he said: If the total capacity of the dams in Lorestan province is 200 million cubic meters, then the damAshuraIt alone would have five times its capacity.

Representative of the people of Khorramabad and chigani He added in the Islamic Council: “Sam”.AshuraIt is a national project that will benefit at least six cities in Lorestan Province.

Viskermi said: 1 billion 500 million tomans are needed to build the dam.

AshuraIt is a great good for Lorestan and even the country

Muhammad Reda Al-Maghari, deputy for the people mountain plateau And room breakers At the meeting of the Islamic Council He says With an online reporter mentioned that nobody ways of Fixing the problem of drinking water and agriculture in this city by building a dam.AshuraHe said: This dam can mountain plateau And room breakers Save him, while he can save other cities as well.

People’s representative mountain plateau And room breakers And in the Islamic Council, he emphasized that building this dam can prevent the occurrence of destructive torrents, he said: Building a damAshuraGreat good not only for the city mountain plateaubut for the sake of the country.


Hojjat al-Islam, Khatib, said that we all feel anxious when it rains heavily in Lorestan, and continued: This is our concern always and we do nothing about it.

Emphasizing that, unfortunately, stones were thrown from outside the province to build this dam, and inside the province as it should have been, and perhaps no help was provided, he said: We should all feel responsible for this dam, including me and our grief that I left him to build this dam.

StopAshuraThis time behind the barrier of Article 23

People’s representative mountain plateau And room breakers In the Islamic Council, he stressed that this dam will bring great prosperity to the agricultural sector in Lorestan, and said: This dam has gone through stages, as the water allocation for this dam has reached from 50 million cubic meters to 185 million cubic meters.

Hojjat al-Islam Masari stated that it was approved to build the dam body at its highest level, which has a height of about 114 to 120 meters, and continued: The water storage in this dam will be one billion and 100 million cubic meters. .

He said: Frazband“This dam has been built and we look forward to amending Article 23 of it as soon as possible so that the contract for the construction of the dam body is concluded and the camp begins to build the dam body.

Therefore, according to the report, Lorestan has more than 130 permanent and seasonal rivers with a length of about 9,000 km in the Karun and Karkheh basins, which is equivalent to 12% of the country’s running water, and it is one of the richest surface areas. Water networks in the country, and calls for dam construction projects for this province and from itAshura»Be ready to work as soon as possible.

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