What happens to corpses donated to medical universities?

Donating corpses for educational purposes One way to donate corpses after death is to enroll in medical universities and use cadavers used in the service of medical sciences. The question is what happens to the bodies donated to universities. The head of the research center of the country’s forensic medical organization responded.

According to the informants, Recently, Saeed Shah Hosseini, head of the Cell and Tissue Bank at the Forensic Research Center, told reporters that donating a corpse for educational purposes is the “decision of the authority.” According to religious beliefs, the deceased can benefit spiritually from the family’s decision, and the relevant forms must be completed after completing the donation card.

For this reason, volunteers have always wanted to be on the list of potential donors.

Shah Hosseini announced that one of the ways to donate a corpse is to donate a corpse to the university and he explained it as follows: Objectives. In fact, saving human lives depends on training doctors and staff to act quickly and appropriately in emergency situations, which requires hands-on learning and knowledge of the anatomical details of the human body, and in this regard, decision-making is “important”. And a commendable decision.”

Meanwhile, after donating aid to medical universities and the fate of these bodies for the advancement of medical sciences and education for students, the question arises will these institutions remain in the university forever? This question was answered by Mohsen Sabry, head of the Research Center at the Forensic Medicine Authority.

What about corpses donated to medical universities?

Sabry in an interview with informants “We have a memorandum of understanding with the universities of medical sciences at the Institute of Forensic Medicine, meaning that they receive the corpse for the training and promotion of medical sciences,” he said about the future of corpses granted to medical universities. We urged them to bury the bodies donated out of respect for the dead. It is not appropriate for the corpse to be finished, but rather to be buried with all the members after completing the educational process. When hospital members and resources are cut off, they send these cases to Behesht-e-Zahra and bury them.

He adds: “After the body remains in the universities of medical sciences and the academic process is conducted on it, another body must be replaced.” However, the former body will be buried in accordance with all the provisions of Sharia, and the sanctity of the body and family of these will be reported.

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Conditions for donating corpses to state universities

A prerequisite for the removal of organs and tissues from the body

At the blackboard for corpses in the classroom

According to Saber, in general, each deceased person spends at least four semesters at the university, and of course they can stay at the university for a longer period. After that, these bodies will be handed over to the forensic medicine and we will follow the funeral procession.

Concerning the bodies of the donors, he told informants: “The corpses are usually buried in Behesht Zahra (peace be upon him) in Tehran, unless the deceased mentioned a note in his family’s will in the donation interview.” And if there are conditions relating to the place of burial, these conditions are taken into account for the burial of the body, and we act according to the will of that person.

How can universities donate corpses?

According to the informants, the cell devices, tissue bank and forensic research center have been in operation since June of last year. to receive.

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