What is industrial electricity and how to migrate with its testimony!

Today, learning a specialty is one of the requirements for finding a suitable job and a large income. Technical and vocational fields are among the best and most reliable ways to enter the job market. Because most of the technical and vocational courses are held under the supervision of the technical and vocational organization of the state, and at the end of the course, the trainees are awarded an international technical and professional degree, and this degree is valid in all countries.

One way to post work is done the same way. In this way, students learn this experience by participating in technical and vocational courses such as the industrial electricity course and applying for a work visa after obtaining a skill certificate. This document can be translated and submitted to obtain a suitable work visa.

The Industrial Electricity course in Rasht is designed to provide basic electrical skills to those who want to work with electrical devices and earn a high income from this field. These courses are designed so that the trainee acquires the necessary capabilities in a 100% practical way in the workshop and project.

Technical and vocational centers play an effective role in guiding entrepreneurs and people with entrepreneurial talents towards productive work and economic activities needed by society and early returns. The main direction of technical and vocational education is the transfer of technology and skills to the learners. Technical and vocational training can prepare a person for a job, profession or business, or increase his competence and ability to do so. The purpose of these exercises is to increase people’s knowledge, skills and understanding abilities and to better perform work within the scope of job duties. Since the issue of unemployment is one of the most important issues and problems of the state, and considering that one of the causes of unemployment in the state is the lack of skills required by the labor market on the part of job seekers, it is expected that the Technical and Vocational Education Institution will provide training skills that can play an important role in reducing the unemployment rate.

Technical and vocational certifications, also called skills cards, have different types that can help with skills acquired in different situations, such as finding a job that fits one’s skills or holding short-term classes and seminars.

Vocational and technical schools in Rasht play an important role in the formation of human capital by training skilled labor needed by the labor market in the country. These training courses play an important role in entrepreneurship and employment due to the flexibility derived from the characteristics of the labor market and the economic situation of the country, as well as due to the training and creation of the necessary skills in people to be able to obtain jobs. These trainings provide both specific skills required by industry and general skills for the labor market, and also provide the opportunity to update and complete skills for employees who have been rendered ineffective by technological changes. In fact, the characteristic of these trainings is a type of “entrepreneurship” training, which means that people will be able to get suitable job opportunities or eventually create a job opportunity after acquiring technical skills and experience.

Sanat Shamal School of Power Generators organizes various courses with the help of experienced professors, and all these technical and professional courses are held in Rasht. To get into the electrical business and industry in general, interest is one of the most important factors. The Electrical Skills Workshop in Rasht trains the trainees in the best possible way and prepares them to enter the job market.

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