What is the cause of the high temperature in the refrigerator and how to fix it

You may also feel that your refrigerator is not as cold as it used to be and that it is too hot. This is a common problem that occurs in many refrigerators and is nothing to worry about.

Refrigerator heat causes appliance failure and food spoilage, heating inside the refrigerator can occur for various reasons, in this article we will study the cause of heat inside the refrigerator and how to fix it.

Check the causes of heat inside the refrigerator

Heating inside the refrigerator is a common problem that can be solved by cleaning some parts including the condenser. To prevent heating inside the refrigerator, install the appliance in a suitable environment in the kitchen, and pay attention to the distance between the refrigerator and the wall – avoid separate heating devices.

What makes a refrigerator hot?
What makes a refrigerator hot?

What makes a refrigerator hot?

The cause of the heat inside the refrigerator varies with the brand and model of the refrigerator, and this can happen in your refrigerator for various reasons, which we will examine together.

Rubber ruptures around the refrigerator door

The refrigerator door is equipped with a narrow rubber band that prevents heat from entering and cold from entering the refrigerator from the outside, this rubber helps to close the refrigerator door well and prevents any dirt, dirt and dust from entering and prevents the inside of the device, the torn and old rubber around the door can be the cause of the refrigerator heating from the inside .

To replace the frame around the refrigerator door, unplug the appliance and pull the frame up, unscrew the old frames and remove them from the door, replace the new frame and carefully tighten the screws to replace the frame around the door and other service center On-site side repairs We see.

Reducing and cooling gas leakage

A refrigerator needs gas to function properly and to keep it cool. The pipes in which refrigerator gas flows are located behind the refrigerator. Problems and damage to these pipes can cause gas flow disturbances, resulting in gas leakage. Leaks and reducing refrigerator gases are other reasons why it is not heating up. inside the refrigerator.

    Refrigerator condenser fan malfunction

Fridge thermostat malfunction

The thermostat is one of the most important practical parts of the refrigerator that controls and monitors the temperature of the refrigerator, when the motor is too active or the temperature of the device exceeds the standard, the thermostat will automatically turn off the device for convenience and re-energize the device.

When a malfunction occurs in the function of this part, the temperature balance of the device will be disturbed and it will be heated inside the refrigerator.

Refrigerator condenser fan malfunction

The condenser fan is located in different parts of refrigerators. Depending on the function and brand of the device, it may be located on the bottom or back of the refrigerator body. The condenser fan is responsible for transferring gas from the engine to the fan.

In the event of a disturbance in the function of this part, hot air enters the device and heats up the interior of the device. To clean the condenser, unplug the refrigerator and disconnect the rear panel of the refrigerator, using the condenser located behind the refrigerator. Clean well with a vacuum cleaner and a cotton cloth.

Faulty refrigerator motor or compressor

One of the most important and sensitive parts of this appliance is the refrigerator motor, as long as your refrigerator motor is running adequately and doing its job well, the cooler inside your refrigerator is well maintained, in case the motor is damaged and working fine. It will not heat up in your refrigerator.

Regular refrigerator service by ‌ Side refrigerator service ‌ And the freezer, cleaning the refrigerator filters, cleaning the refrigerator condenser, placing the refrigerator in the right environment, not exposing the refrigerator to sunlight and a temperature of 27 degrees are some of the things that help the health of your refrigerator engine.

lack of air flow

A refrigerator is a device that must have space for air flow to stay cool. Note that filling the floors and shelves of the refrigerator prevents sufficient air flow in the shelves and the temperature of the refrigerator gradually rises and the space inside the refrigerator heats up.

Filling the floors and shelves of the refrigerator, in addition to blocking the flow of air, will put pressure on the engine of the appliance and will also disrupt its operation.

Fridge fan motor malfunction

The refrigerator fan motor is a part of this device that causes cold air to circulate inside the refrigerator.

To replace the motor evaporator fan, first unplug the refrigerator, take out the food inside completely, open the inner cover pages of the refrigerator, if the fan is attached to the lid, unplug the power cords from the lid and follow the safety instructions, the new fan install the lid and close it again.

Malfunction of the main board of the refrigerator

The electronic board plays an important role in all appliances, if the inside of the refrigerator is hot and none of the above is the cause of the heat inside the refrigerator, check the function of the electronic board of the refrigerator.

Malfunction of the main board of the refrigerator

Faulty refrigerator damper piece

If the refrigerator and freezer are connected, the temperature rise inside the refrigerator may be due to damage to the damper, and the function of this part is to transfer cold air when the temperature of the freezer suddenly rises.

If the damper malfunctions, it will not work properly, so the temperature of the air inside the refrigerator increases.

Disruption of the defrost system

The defrost system in the refrigerator reduces the temperature of the refrigerator and the waste of energy, and the function of the defrost system is to prevent the ice inside the refrigerator from defrosting, and it also prevents the space inside the refrigerator from being heated.

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