What should people do now?

The state of the financial market reminds us of the era of Wali Allah Saif. According to the current situation in the court of first instance, he was sentenced to 10 years in prison. Are trustees punished for their negligence today? Yesterday the representative of the Gorgon people in the Muslim Council asked the president what should the people do now? Mr. President, did you know that the price of the dollar reached 38 thousand tomans? N news? What should people do? What is the situation that you have created for the people, the rise in the prices of commodities and materials and the needs of the family and the closure of banks due to the decrease in credit among people?
Abdel Nasser Hamati, the former head of the Central Bank, also tweeted: “In order to enhance the purchasing power of government employees and retirees, you said that you will increase salaries from 1 million 500 thousand tomans (from 3 to 10 percent) correctly. On the other hand, since the first Online communication, within 3 months, people’s purchasing power has decreased by 20%, don’t get tired again!
It was not without reason that Abbas Abdi wrote in his analysis of the state of government revenues: Although the currency situation and the strange policies of car prices and currency recently show that the situation has worsened, there is no need to explain much. One should ask how the government allows itself to speak of the speed of the train of progress in spite of this situation.
Regarding the economic situation in the country on the eve of the elections, Mahmoud Jamsaj said: The economic conditions are very unfavorable and cannot be predicted, as we are facing economic and political instability. All Western countries have taken hard positions against Iran. All this increases Iran’s problems at the international level. In addition, new sanctions are likely to be imposed on Iran, which will put additional pressure on the government’s currency barriers and increase the government’s rial in the economy.

* Newspaper editorial on December 19th. Wednesday, January 23, 1401


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